There Ain't No Two Ways About It.

  I am persuaded that many of, if not most of the world's problems can be traced to one central cause.  Nobody is in charge! Human reasoning has discarded God.  The Bible is no longer considered as God's Word with His authority.  Money seeking Christians and  publishers have convinced society that there is no one Bible; everyone can have a version that makes them comfortable. This has further convinced the world that there is no living God.
Since the early days of Christianity, there have been two points of view regarding the longevity of  salvation. Is it really eternal or limited by human weakness? There are also two views on the purpose of Baptism. Is Salvation dependent upon it or not? One thing for sure about both these primary issues in Christendom is that they both cannot be right. One way is the right way, the other is the wrong way. Salvation is dependent upon good works or God's grace.  Our sins are washed away by water or by the blood of Jesus Christ. Grace and works don't mix. Water and blood don't mix.
  Laying just under these two outstanding differences in doctrine is the issue of multiple Bibles. Any nominal study of this issue will quickly reveal that there are differences in the different versions. Most of the earlier new versions have long ago been discounted because of glaring errors. The King James Bible stood up and alone as the pure Word of God.  Recently in the past few years, the New International Version has become a contender for the Bible buying market. Denominations have endorsed it.  TV religious programming have endorsed it. It is being found in more and more Church ministries.  The average Christian and most preachers have lazily denounced the controversies. PR has over ridden the objections and it seems that the NIV will rise to the top of the best seller list.
  I really don't have enough room in this column or even this paper to actually go through the New Testament alone and reveal the glaring differences between the NIV and the KJV. There are tracts, books and periodicals that actually list the compared verses where major differences stand out between the two books.
You can go on the internet and Google "KJV vs. NIV" Without getting tangled in the learned debaters on both sides of the issue and avoiding the Greek students on both sides, just compare the chosen verses.  Within a few comparisons, you will be struck with the fact, "these two books say different things!" Is Jesus the Christ? Is He the son of God? Is He God? Is He Lord? Was the world and all things created by Him?  One book says, "yes," the other says, "No."
  If God was unable to preserve His Word to us, then we really do not know for sure what He expects. Actually, we are not sure He even exists. (this is one reason why the evolutionists are having a heyday.) The ultimate result of this confusion is confusion. Jesus said that He is the truth. John 14:6. Can this be true, if we don't even know for sure what He said. Did he really refer to God as, "My Father." or "The Father.?" What was His answer to the Ethiopian eunuch?
  While it seems the rest of the world, including many Baptists fall deeper into the confusing trap of Satan on these doctrinal and inspirational issues, I for one will continue to take the stand for the wholly inspired and preserved Word of God.  I will stand in my pulpit and confidently affirm that God has not lost touch with His creation. What He said yesterday is still true today and it will be true tomorrow.  The Word of God tells us exactly how to prepare for eternity and how to live exactly how He wants us to live in this present world.  The King James Bible is the right Bible,


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