Heaven is Two blocks away

The first block is Satan himself.  He will do anything to keep people from hearing and understanding the Gospel.  Among other things that the book of Revelation reveals we discover that there is a war going on in Heavenly places.  That war is between the Almighty God and that old serpent, the devil. Obviously some rules of engagement have been established, otherwise there would be carnage on the face of the moon, or probably God would have obliterated the devil before the foundations of this world were created.  The truth is that the battle is over the souls of men.  Each side has been limited to attracting the souls of men in their physical existence during this age.  Satan somehow has blinded the minds of earthlings and God uses the power of the preaching of the Word to awaken them to truth. Satan has his own messages and messengers. He almost always appeals to the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life.  He is the father of lies.  He is the spirit of all other religions.  He does all that he can to persuade men that they do not need a god as they are sufficient in their selves to grasp eternity.
  The second block is our sin. Because of our sin we come short of the glory of God. We are earning the wages of sin which is eternal death (separation from God forever!)  It is not only what we do but more importantly what we are.  We are sinners by our very nature.  It is obvious that God will not allow sinners to enter heaven much less be near Him. Jesus said, we must "be born again to enter or even see heaven." Jn3.  God judged the world drastically centuries ago because every thought of man was only evil continually.  Man didn't learn any thing from that judgment, because once again we are far down that same trail.  God destroyed a whole countryside including two major cities because they were doing the very same thing that our world is doing today. We do not identify our perverse sins, but instead pass laws to give civil rights to perverts.  This block to heaven is the most serious, because it is our choice to allow it to block us from the wonderful provisions of God.  God will not and cannot condone, bless or utilize sin. Sin stands between us and the holiness of a Loving God. 
  Is there anything that can be done about these two blocks to heaven? Nothing but the blood of Jesus! There is power in His blood.  We have redemption provided by God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. There is no other place or plan that will avail if we tread under foot the blood of Jesus Christ.
  God loves the world of people so much that He gave his only begotten son.  When a person believes in his or her heart that God has raised his son from the death of the cross providing life to all who believe, then confession of the Lord Jesus Christ with the mouth is made unto salvation.
  When a person receives Jesus Christ as personal saviour, both of the blocks to heaven are instantly removed.  Satan no longer has any power over us to keep us from the love of God. We are bought with the price of blood. Our soul becomes the property of God.
  Our sins are washed away in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. We are still sinners, but have been reconciled to God and all of our sins are forgiven and forgotten. We are given the power over sin and the ability to resist the temptations of sin.
  We have access to the throne of God to which we can boldly run for mercy.  Our very nature is changed by a new birth of the spirit of God and we find out that Jesus is preparing a place for us in heaven and is soon coming to receive us unto himself that where he is we will also soon be.  Nothing can block Jesus from taking his own to heaven.  When did you become His?


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