How Do We Get Them In? 

It is no longer acceptable to believe that people in the world have some kind of natural drive to get right with God. No, wait! I did not say that that people don't have the knowledge that they will face God. They do. I now explain.  Many Christians feel that all we have to do is open the door of the Church and people will be drawn in by some spiritual force.  This is not true. People must be persuaded to come in.  Another part of the equation is how to we get them to stay?

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. John 13:35

  The one thing that Christ exhibited and taught His disciples was his eternal law. Think with me. What two divisions are there of the ten commandments? Love God totally, Love others as yourself. Christ fulfilled that law. He gives those of us who are born of His spirit, the ability to fulfill that law.  We love him because he first loved us.
  The above text (John 13:35) was not just for the 12! That verse includes you and I as believers who are his disciples. Churches are trying everything to get and keep members. They have tossed out Biblical responsibility in order to survive.
  The answer is found in the love of God. I do not speak of God's love to us. I speak of having His love for others. Most churches still do not evidence the love of God.  I recently heard a Christian say he "hated" a fellow Christian which is a member of his own church.  Something is dreadfully wrong if one Christian says he hates another Christian. Christ left us instructions to love our enemies and to pray for those who despitefully use us.
  It is true that we cannot and must not love what sinners do, whether they are lost sinners or saved sinners. (see adjoining article) But Christ commands us to love and be forgiving of one another. The world will be drawn to Christ by His love. His own as shown in Scripture and ours as shown by our obedience to Him. This love is found no place else.  No other religion has it, false Christian religions do not carry it and cannot imitate it.
  Any Christian or Church that excuses sin is no friend of God or sinners. Any Christian or Church that excludes sinners are unrealistic.  All of us are sinners!!!  Any true believer should hate his or her own sin as much as God does. Did you ever wonder why Jesus did not dismiss Judas and perhaps Peter because of their sinful nature. He knew their sinful natures.
  One doesn't have to be a super student of scripture to know that Paul admonished us to lift up the fallen. (that does not refer to someone who lost their footing.)  It is obvious we should stand up against anyone who defends their sin.  But, we should step in and help anyone who are helpless in their sin and especially any one who is striving to overcome their sin.
  If you hate a fellow Christian who is doing what they can to draw closer to Jesus, then you are the worst kind of sinner.  You have no idea what the difference between a mote and a beam are. You have not really received the forgiveness of God, because you cannot duplicate it toward others.
  I repeat.  We must hate the sin that easily besets.  We should stand against anyone who hides or defends their sin.  We must be willing to do anything we can to encourage and help some one escape the bondage of sin.


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