The Work Of The Ministry

  It is true that a good number of Church members have no clue as to how a Church truly operates.
For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ. 1 Corinthians 12:12
This verse and the context tells us that a local independent   New Testament Church is actually a body and more literally referred to as the body of Christ. It is made up of parts and each one of those parts have a particular purpose. No part is more important than any other part. One part cannot replace another part. One part should not be envious of any other part. Each part should be completely committed to fill his or her responsibility.  Each part ought to recognize that he or she has the best ability to accomplish God's purpose. Each part must be assured that they have the best talent and ability for the task they hold.  They should not try to hold a position in which someone else is more able or qualified.
  With that said; it is good that we look at the work of the ministry.  A new testament Church is in existence to present Jesus Christ across the street and across the seas. It should be like a light house to help people find the living truth and the living word of God. Its primary purpose should be to win the lost and to disciple the saved. As Ephesians 4 tells us it is also for the perfecting of the saints to the stature of Christ.
  Obviously there is a structure that is necessary for a Church to accomplish its ministry. Christ is the head of the Church, not the pastor nor the deacon committee.  When Christ is in control of a Church then the body parts function in an amazing harmony.
  Have you ever seen a chicken with its head cut off.  That is a good description of a Church that Christ is not the head of!
  A Church must have a Pastor who is committed to the Word of God first and foremost.  Who knows how to reveal and apply the word of God faithfully and honestly. One who does not use the word of God deceitfully. Who is an example of the, "
believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity."
  Then there are teachers that also are part of the leadership of a Church.  They are responsible to teach the Word of God first and foremost in the classroom. They are not babysitters. They are not entertainers. They are set in place to teach the age or class that God has put into their hands. The classroom is actually the place where most people get saved.  The classroom is where most people learn the doctrine and standards of the Word of God. The class room is where most people learn how to behave themselves in the house of God. It is an absolute that a teacher must be an living example of Jesus Christ and throughly furnished for every good work.
  God's house has always been enhanced with songs and praise. This is one of the most difficult areas of a Church ministry. I think of the list of musical instruments that were involved with the Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego story.  When they heard the sound of the musik, they were to bow down to the idol. Satan has introduced and produced his own brand of music through the ages. It is the sensual beat that appeals to the flesh and not to the Spirit. Its lyrics focus on the singer and not the wondrous Saviour.
  Every Church has spiritual necessities of care and physical necessities of care. Every member must step up and be counted on as a working member of the house of God.
  When was the last time you picked up a discarded scrap off the floor of your Church or signed up to clean the whole place?
  When everyone cares about their Church, they serve well.

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