Will They Ever Learn?

  I am old enough and been around long enough to have seen my world deal with socialistic philosophies.  Lenin, Trotsky and Karl Marx wrote their philosophies before I was born and Russia had its revolution just a few years before I came into existence, but I have watched the course of Russia, witnessed the birth and decay of China, kept up with the recent actions of Cuba, Ethiopia and Venezuela. All of them openly tried socialistic Communism and have proven it does not work (emphasis on the word WORK!) Meanwhile a good number of so called progressive nations have nibbled at socialism. They are currently failures in which ever area of socialism they have adopted; whether educational, political or medical. Have you ever wondered why Europe remains a lifeless part of the world? Why America rose to prominence and became a benefactor to its MOTHER (allow me to do this allegorically, please.)  Our generous heart shared with them and gave them the ability to prosper along with us even to the point of equally sharing with a couple of them that tried to destroy us.
  If you are a student of (and wasn't denied) American history, then you know that from the very beginning of the formation of this nation, there were strong voices of opposition to the dream of American independence and  development. I am talking about voices from within this great nation. People who did not agree in the commercial freedoms and even the individual freedoms that America afforded. It was necessary that a government be formed early, primarily from the need of combined protection of our selves from the attacks of other envious nations.  The framers of our wonderful and unique Constitution affirmed that we must never succumb to an overbearing government. That document emphasized that the government would be of the people, for the people and by the people. No King, no ruling class and certainly no gathering of socialistic power.
  Some Presidents, Congressmen and Representatives through the years have not read the Constitution and related documents, so have somehow achieved their offices determined to gain more power for themselves by taking it away from the citizens who put them in office. Sadly there are those of us out here in the neighborhoods who did not investigate the source or the purpose of the free dole we were to receive from the generosity of government. So we gladly signed on to receive whatever the government offered free. "Hey! Everybody, Free TV's"
  We now have a President who literally grew up and profited from the free dole.  That is all he knows. What little we can find out from his history, tells a typical story of a kid who grew up in poverty depending upon the government dole.  That is all he knows.  Logically, he has a heart that everyone should be able to have what he had.  He promised change and sure enough he changes every day. But, his ultimate goal is to get as much as he can under the thumb of an almighty government. Of course there is a dominating party of politicians who have the same goals that he does and here we go. Socialism in its full strength is where everyone is supplied everything by an all powerful government.
  This ultimately requires everyone to equally share what they make and earn. Most people who have wealth want to share with those who have need.  But, when government steps in to regulate and require us to share, then problems develop.  We no longer have a choice to whom we can share. We find that we share with some who are not needy. And we find that the list of "needy" will never stop growing.  Why work, when you can collect.
  Why not have a baby or two or three that you can collect WIC or some other government dole.  There are not enough doctors to take care of a growing number of free medical care needys'.
  Socialism collapses when there are more takers than givers.


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