Enemies of Jesus Christ

  Many Christians are aware that there are a good number of books that have been passed down through the centuries, some of which are touted to be related or connected to the Bible.  The Bible itself a few times refers to other contemporary books. A book supposedly written by Mary, one by Joseph and even one written by Judas.  Faithful men of God have fairly examined any of these that even hint of divine inspiration and found them to be spurious and some to be outright attacks upon the true doctrines of the Word of God and upon its Christ.
  In recent years certain elements of our media have used these books and philosophies as an obvious bias against the truths of the Word of God.  Television channels like, National Geographic, Discover and History have almost dedicated themselves to destroying the Bible and its Christ.  They use these books, and twist the archaeological findings to raise any questions they can against the Word of God. Recently one of them had a program that supposedly traced the history of the Jews back to a beginning that rooted in the Canaanite people. It was amazing how they phrased their findings of how the Jews moved from a pluralistic religion to a monotheistic one which became a point of conflict with their neighbors. Of course they had talking heads to verify their conclusions.  One of the heads was a professor in a theological institution. One was a archeologist. Another was a minister in a Church.  Each of these enthusiastically endorsed the error concerning the Biblical account of Abraham and the patriarchs. They did use some quotes from chosen passages from the Bible, but like cults, they twisted or misinterpreted the passages.  They were very convincing with their pictures of artifacts, and records of history using scripted video to visualize their conclusions.
  I thought to myself, people who have no idea what the Bible says will be fooled into thinking this production to be authentic. An outright lie being foiled upon the unsuspecting public. Men have attacked the Bible for centuries, without success. The Bible is true. Time has proven it true, artifacts (truly allowed to speak.) will verify the Bible. The Bible adequately verifies itself. Any Bible student will recognize these three channels as the declared enemies of Christ and the Word of God  Their hatred for the Word of God taints all of their other programming and should cast doubt upon any of their discoveries, historic opinions and productions.  Most sad is an organization such as National Geographic, that has done monumental journeys into every nook and cranny of our globe, has joined the quest to obliterate a true and living God from existence.
  Who am I to be able to do anything about this travesty of justice and truth? This article will be read by only a few people. Most will nod their head in agreement, some will plan to watch more closely if these channels are viewed. A few will think I have taken on a straw man and exaggerated.  I will say to any Christian who may watch either of these channels to take note and the next time they flip to one of these channels and see that it is visualizing any Bible related subject get a pen and paper, jotting down any Biblical references that will be given. Then when the program is over, verify their interpretation of scripture. This should be enough to convince you and hopefully add your voice to the cause.
  From the creation and crossing of the red sea to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the enemies of the Word of God will twist the truth and outright lie to do any damage to Christianity and the truth of the Bible. My Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the son of God, lived a sinless life of some 33 years, died on the cross of Calvary, rose 3 days later, ascended to the right had of the Father in heaven.  He did not marry Mary Magdalene and move to Germany.
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