Walking the Walk, While Talking the Talk

1 Co 11:1  Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.
This verse along with others avails proof that every Christian ought to be followers of Jesus Christ. Two other verses acquaint following with walking. The word walking connects with discipleship. Discipleship denotes kinship.  Even though it was not Jesus' primary course to show us how to live and behave, we are still admonished to pattern our lives after his. In the above verse, Paul sets a precedent is using his own ensample as the model. I continue to be so amazed at the lives of many professing Christians who have no inkling or incline to be like Jesus. This is separate and independent of our salvation, I must admit, but I do have a clincher to the argument, in several passages, our Lord Jesus tells us that if we are truly believers we will take up our cross daily and follow him. These quotes were made before He himself died on the cross, so that requires deeper thought and some study as to what those statements really meant. You will find that it has to do with selfless dedication to God's direct will. And that it requires a dedicated lifestyle. I have decided sometime ago that if a person truly lives the life of Christ, his life will resemble every aspect of the life of Christ while he walked the face of the earth.  We have enough information and picture of what Christ was like in the Bible accounts of His life.  The epistles describe the intents of the heart of Jesus Christ.
  Many Christians read their Bible regularly, make shew of long prayer, shuffle for prominence in Church and talk of their belief in Jesus.  But when their life is compared to the life of Christ, there is a world of difference. In fact sometimes their actions and attitudes are the exact opposite of the character and manifestation of Jesus Christ. I have no choice but, right here to reaffirm that we are sinners, saved by grace and by grace alone, not of works, lest any man should boast.
  But, I will finish that passage in Ephesians 2, to remind us that anyone truly born again, was created unto good works. In other words, salvation gives a person the ability to be like Christ and there is no better pattern to follow. Discipleship is unique to each and every Christian, and we are admonished to be careful in our judgments of others, but we are also admonished to look at the fruit of others.
  The best honor and compliment that a Christian could receive is that he or she resembles Jesus.

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