The President is Coming to Town

  Macon has been chosen as a stop for the current occupier of the White House. Ordinarily, it should be an exciting and memorable event.  To a few people in Macon, it may well be, but to many of us, we are torn. Our loyalty and patriotic duties tells us that we should react according to the honor bestowed upon us. But, because this President is changing America dramatically towards socialism, our exuberance has been muted and we feel that he is betraying the very heart and core of our wonderful nation. There are a lot of false stories about him and one needs to be careful what is believed. But his record in the first year of office cannot be hidden. He talks a great talk, but almost daily, he is using his office to grasp more power for the government while taking away the liberties of the individual. His progressive socialistic platform is promising multitudes a governmental Santa Clause. This is their secret of accumulating longevity in office. The ploy is to take from the rich and give to the poor, but actually works out that the working class has to sustain the non working class. It is not God's plan who said, "if any would not work, neither should he eat." He personally is responsible for raising the debts of our nation higher than the previous 4 presidents combined. We are now trillions of dollars and it will take generations to reach a nominal level.
  More and more of our nation is rising in opposition to the tax and spend mindset of our current government. The President and some of the leaders of Congress (both parties) still have not been awakened to their misconceptions. America itself is headed for an awakening, "Government cannot supply everything we want without taking it from someone else." Key thought, welfare fails when there are more takers than providers. Also, humanity will never safely reach a plateau where every human shares equally by force. Socialism sounds good ,but doesn't work.
  The most disconcerting aspect of the current president is his attitude about Biblical subjects. Even though he claims to be Christian and spent 20 years in what is touted to be Christian, but far from it, church. The church's website proves it to be a black liberation movement rather than disciples of Christ. Since Mr. Obama has abandoned that connection, he has not connected with anything else and is offering lame excuses. It is obvious that Church is not a priority for him and his family.  Christmas came and went and the Obama's failed miserably in the White House Christmas pageants.  We are nearing our second National Prayer day and the first one was virtually ignored by our President.  Now some atheist judge has made a move against a National Prayer day and the President, who authorizes the day, is doing nothing to fight this process.  He literally does not believe that he is president of a Christian nation. I would be the first to admit that most Americans are not born again Christians and the ACLU with the Supreme Court is systematically removing every vestige of  Christianity that they can, our nation is still predominately influenced with the principles of Jesus Christ. Other religions are tolerated and unharassed in America, but with a variety of denominations and cults, the name of Jesus remains the strongest icon of religion in America which means something in the question at hand. The president was wishfully thinking or didn't do his homework.
  Then there is the wide open choices of cabinet members and other non elected powerful czars that have been appointed by the president. These people are well known left over radicals from the 70's and 80's who have brought with them radical ideas that will ultimately destroy the fabric of our constitution and every thing that America stands for.
  There are many of us who can hardly wait for this man to be called, "ex-president."

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