A Very Good Mystery

About 22 times in the New Testament, we find the word, "mystery."  One of those is found in Romans. 16:25 "Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began,
" Isn't that amazing that there was a mystery held by God from the foundation of the world until it was revealed in the preaching of Christ.
I have often wondered about that mystery. Most of my world still has not figured it out even though it has been revealed and expressed very well by Apostle Paul.  When anyone talks of doing good to go to heaven, reveal that the mystery is still a mystery. When anyone asks if Jews go to heaven, they have not understood the mystery.  When anyone denies the deity of Christ, they have not understood the mystery.  When someone thinks that godliness is measured by what we do for God, has no idea of the mystery of Christ.
  What is the difference between an Old Testament saint and a born again Christian. One thing for sure from the verse above, the O.T. saint didn't understand the mystery. He knew little of who Christ would be or what He would do.  The main difference though, is that Jesus lives inside every New Testament believer.
Christ is the source of eternal life. If one doesn't have Christ, then one doesn't have life. 1 Jn 5:12. If a man have not the spirti of Christ, then he is non of His. Romans 8:9
  I am convinced that there are many church members, who have no idea of the mystery of Christ. These church members think they are on their way to heaven because they joined the church, got baptized, or completed catechism. They think that just because they believe in Jesus in their head, that makes them a Christian and a child of God. The real Jesus has never entered into their heart and they have not believed in Him from their heart.  They go through the motions of doing church stuff and feel that is all that is necessary.
  When Jesus is inside a heart then there is less need of external admonishment and instruction. This makes a preacher's job a lot easier. A person in whom Jesus dwells, has a major motivation; he or she wants to be and do what Jesus wants them to.
  A child in whom Jesus dwells will be more willing to obey their parents in the Lord. A wife in whom Christ dwells is more submissive to her husband in the Lord. A person in whom Christ dwells doesn't have to be made to or intimidated to go to church.
A person in whom the spirit of Christ dwells does not look for loopholes in the Bible. A person who is indwelt by Christ loves to be around other believers. They love heavenly conversations and are uncomfortable around carnal conversations. Church is one of their most favorite places to be, not just because of the people, but because of the preaching.
A person in whom Jesus lives, cannot be but a witness for Jesus and has a vocal burden for the lost of this world.
  The mystery of God as revealed in Jesus Christ and in the preaching of the Word of God shows the unsearchable differences between followers of any religion of this world and born again believers. The Moslem religion, touted as being the fastest growing religions in the world, grows by intimidation and fear. Its followers are given the teachings of Mohammed as rules and expected to abide with those rules, most of which goes against grace and truth much less reason. In countries where Islam dominates, those who reject the teaching of Mohammed have their throats cut. Koran, book of Sura chapter 47.
  The mystery of God has opened to a lost world that there is hope and grace in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Salvation and eternal life comes from a God who so loved the world.

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