A Fundamental Independent Baptist Check Point

  In an age of every man for himself, there is a need to provide a method of defining what Fundamental Baptists really are. Related to doctrinal statements of faith, there are supporting areas of standards and issues that make up what fundamental Baptists  truly believe.  Most Baptist Churches have statements of faith and practice.  These statements are standard in most Baptist Churches. Each generation of Baptists show that the greater part have a tendency to grow cold and indifferent toward God's direct will. Just because someone uses the name Baptist, doesn't mean they are Baptist. It is necessary to define truth and determination in an age of every man doing what's right in his own eyes.
  Every doctrine that Baptists believe has standards that support that doctrine. There are ample Bible verses and passages that support doctrines and standards.
  We have a book that was written by the direct influence of God, like wind in the sails of a ship. There is only one Word from God. It is profitable for every aspect of our lives. Though there are many books that claim to be God's Word, most are not His Word.
  We serve the true and living God, and though the world has introduced many false Gods, the Bible singles out our God as the only true God. There is none other besides Him.
  God created everything and without Him was nothing made that was made. There's more to that story. God did not rely upon evolution to finish His creation because evolution is a lie.
  Sin entered the world by one man and death by sin.  All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death, (separation from God.) We are sinners, saved by grace and grace alone. The sins of the flesh must be put off and the new man must be put on. Only the blood of Christ washes away sin.
  Jesus Christ is the Son of God who took upon himself flesh and dwelt among us and we have handled him. He ultimately went to physical death on the cross of Calvary paying the sin debt of any and all who will receive Him personally.
  Anyone who does receive Him will receive power to become the sons of God, in other words, God's eternal life that never ends and nothing can pluck it out of Gods hands. Salvation and forgiveness is eternal and will not be reversed.
  Those who receive Him will wind up in Heaven, those who do not receive Him will wind up in Hell and ultimately the Lake of fire with no pardon or loop hole.
  Jesus established His Church on earth in Matthew sixteen. This is not a universal Church but the collection of local New Testament churches that will one day soon be raptured into His presence. A real church adheres to the New Testament description of a true church. Thank the Lord, many groups know better than refer to themselves as a Church because they do not match the description.
  Those who receive Jesus personally, get the same attitude about sin that God has, and will immediately tune their lives to glorify their Lord and Saviour. Separating from the sins and sinners of this world and from anything that does not glorify God.
  They automatically become witnesses for Jesus Christ; possibly not very good witnesses.
  A true believer has a strong desire and pull to help other people find Jesus Christ in salvation and to disciple those converts to become effective Christians in God's service within His local Church.


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