Sometimes I Feel Like a Big Toe

  In several places in the New Testament, we find the Church described as being a body. In 1 Corinthians chapter 12, there is little doubt that Paul writing does describe the local New Testament Church as a body made up of individual body parts.  The theme of this passage reveals that each body part is put in place by God Himself and each body part is actually important.  He even warns us not to make judgments about what we think to be important parts of that body. But Wait! I'm about to destroy my whole premise for this article. No, God knows how we think, so I can continue to make my assumptive point.
  Please don't get podiatric on me and list any beneficials of a big toe. Just stay with me for another eight inches of column.
  One can be doctrinally sound with a Bible college degree and still have moments of self frustration.  He or she can seemingly have every thing in order and functioning well, and all of a sudden there is the rock in the road, or the leg of a table or some other obstacle that the big toe aims for with deadly accuracy.
  Regardless of how often this incident takes place or even if it's a repeat for the "hundreth" time, that big toe can absolutely ruin a wonderful trip, by feeling it can win an encounter with an immovable object.  Have you ever noticed that the big toe does its challenges when it is not protected by steel toed shoes or even solid leather?  Most often, it waits till the socks are off.
  I wonder if God was thinking of the big toe scenario when He brought up the Church / body connection. If He did then I can really feel that He is using me for a personal illustration!
  The big toe could get to thinking that he is carrying the whole load.  The big toe could get to thinking that he is in charge of which direction everyone else is going. He may even think he alone has the power to balance everyone else. How about this? God states that the feet of preachers are beautiful, is it possible for the toe to also want to take all that credit.
  Now is the time for a little reasoning and offering of proof.
  We all know that the big toe is the part of the body that is most often stubbed, right? Why is it that the big toe persuades men and women to purchase toeless footwear. Flip-flops are the most common shared by men and women. And flip-flops fit so that the big toe stands right out front daring anything to get in its way, feeling that it is the point man on patrol.
   If I still have your readership, I need to get to the application. Most churches work fine until someone either wants to take over the show, or begins to feel left out. The big "I" like the big toe, tries to take on more than it needs or should have. "God can't do this without my help!" "Every one else doesn't have enough sense to see what needs to be done." "I don't know how this church can survive without me." "This Church needs more people like me and less people like "them."
  It is very easy to forget Jesus' original plan for building His Church. He even gave some simple statements to guide our thinking if we don't forget them. "The healthy don't need a physician." Go out into the highways and byways, bring the halt, maimed and blind.
  When I begin to think every thing revolves around myself, that is when I often hit the stump. Jesus told us about the mote and the beam. He showed us that true love is when we put someone else above our self. If we lose the burden for the lost and needy then God no longer has any use for us.
  1 Corinthians 12, tells us that if we become partial as to who we want in our Church in comparison to ourselves, we are making a big mistake. We must make sure that the standards that we set for our Church is the exact standards that God sets for His Church.  That way we are one and the same.


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