One of the last things Jesus told the disciples just before He left this earth was that they would be witnesses both in Jerusalem, all Judea, Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth. Acts 1:8
Most of the time we interpret that verse as the impetus for us to get out in the street and go house to house preaching the Gospel and we use the early verses in Acts as proof and orders to do it. We get a handful of Gospel tracts and dutifully get busy. As we go door to door, we eagerly hope we will find a soul that will respond to the verses we quote and that the soul will willingly repeat the model prayer that we offer. After they pray that prayer, we begin to encourage them to tell someone else about their decision and to come to our Church for more.  The name is recorded on a prospect card and we can hardly wait to see fruit.
  I will not commit positional suicide by raising any doubt to the above description and will say absolutely that if we are doing nothing to win the lost then we should at least be going door to door telling folks about Jesus.
  This article is about witnessing. A witness is someone who has experienced something or visually observed something.  I want to pose a query. What is the difference between a Mormon missionary and a Baptist going down the street peddling their  faith?
If you don't have a doctrinal answer to this question then I will have to demote you to kindergarten. Otherwise if you don't have a sensible answer then hopefully this article will encourage you.
  A witness is someone who has witnessed something. Have you ever noticed that people who have experienced a remarkable conversion make the best and more fruitful witnesses? The most effective witnesses are those who have a story to tell and stand there as living proof of what God does in conversion. Next in line of production are those who are well versed in Bible knowledge. They are profuse in answering any error or argument with verses.
  The main problem with all this is the ratio of results. I have often asked, "What is more important; how many we win to Christ or how many we drive away from Christ?" I get tired of finding people who answer, "I tried it and it didn't work." or "Why don't you religious nuts just shut up!" America is rapidly becoming made up of more people who are anti-Christ than pro-Christ. Much of this is caused by non-witness witnesses. I mean people who try to witness for Christ but haven't the foggiest of God marvelous work.
  I am actually dabbling in what would probably take a book to explain, and yet I only have space for a couple of paragraphs.
  My desire here is to help and encourage real witnessing. What was your salvation experience? Wasn't it great? No matter if you had an earth shattering conversion or if you quietly received the Lord as your personal saviour, it was great! Most people step across that line quietly, but when Jesus comes in, He comes in to stay. This means that the most people we win will also step across a quiet line. All this depends upon Romans 10:9&10.
Belief in the heart and confession with the mouth. True belief will bring true confession.
  Most of us become better witnesses when we become absolutely convinced that what we believe is the absolute truth! Everything you follow must be Bible truth or you will not be an effective witness. If you do not live what you say you believe, you will not be an effective witness. Now I have a surprise for you.
When you really believe and have a desire to be used as a soul winner, then God can use you to bring souls to Him.
  Here is the facts. We preach the Gospel where ever and when ever we have opportunity. We should give an invitation when the moment avails.  But it is God only who can draw a soul unto himself. Our converts last only as long as we hold on but born again people last forever.


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