Politics and Religion

  One of the tricks of the devil on America was the attitude that politics and religion should not be mixed. God didn't say that. The Constitution didn't say that. It really doesn't make sense, yet there is an over riding feeling and general opinion that religion should stay out of politics!!!
  More than ever, America is waking up to the fact that Christians should have been and must be now, more involved in what our country is doing and which way it is going. When a president is bold enough to say, "America is no longer a Christian nation." then I can think of no better prompt to stand up and say, "Mr. President, you are mistaken!" It seems obvious that he, himself is not a Christian. His church was a black liberation theology mess, which is not Christian.
  I am perplexed as to how America allowed our school systems to completely remove Bible creation and replace it with evilution while Christian parents looked on. How is it that we have looked the other way while Planned Parenthood ushered in approval to teen aged pregnancy and added the acceptable murder of babies?
   Shouldn't it at least frighten American Christians to realize that America has been turned over to a reprobate mind as prescribed in Romans 1:18-32? We as a nation are right at this moment under the direct judgment of God and we are hiring "Praise Teams on stage!" when we probably should be groveling in the dirt. We are not holding publishing companies accountable for polluting the very Word of God. We have become a nation where every one is doing what is right in their own eyes. Gatherings that are ashamed to call themselves churches are springing up all over the place. I am actually happy for those who are taking the name Baptist off their signs. That way I don't have to explain how they can call themselves Baptists but are not Baptists.
  Well, back to the first question of this article. Are we going to remain quiet while the progressives and socialists take over our country? Are we Christians going to readily hand over our Bibles to the authorities that we put into power? Or are we going to get down to business and provide replacements from within our own ranks? Christian schools and home schoolers ought to start teaching students the art of politics; instilling in them the mores and character of the patriots and statesmen who made our great nation. Parents ought to start the process by providing basic structure of homes.
  Our job is cut out for us. Colleges and Universities have long ago been conquered by the elitist progressives. Media is pretty well controlled by enemies of Christ. Public sentiment has been heavily influenced to be distrustful of Christians. We are often compared to skin heads or other terrorists.  The accomplishment and influence of Christianity on our founding and foundation as a nation has somehow been erased from our history books. It is no secret that the God fearing men and women who founded our nation are now believed to be at the most deists.
  Of course most of us Christians have decided that the World is a helpless case.  "There is nothing we can do to change our messed up world."  We might as well fold our hands and "wait for the rapture!" That is a lie of the devil! Jesus told us to occupy until he comes for us." The key word being occupy.
  Evilution is the lie of the devil. Common sense proves it is in truth unworkable.
  Abortion is not only the murder of the innocent babies but a destructive force on all participants in such a society.
  Homosexual and hedonistic relationships are literally destroying the fiber of society. Such people are perverted and literally demon controlled. The Gospel has got to be preached in its truth and entirety to save them and all others who take pleasure in them. Otherwise the Lake of Fire has already been kindled.


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