What's Wrong With America?

I know that the title of this article sets a negative tone, so I will not allow that tone to play alone. A combination of tones could produce a melody. As an older gentleman I have lived many years in America. As a child I was taught the real documented history of America, without doubt. I have lived long enough to know that children of today are not being taught real history.
This fact forms the seed of the amazing things that are happening right now here in America. Our current government got in power by painting our country with dire descriptions. The younger generation of Americans have been persuaded that our country is in terrible condition and needed change.  Well, they got it and most of the nation are dumbfounded at what is taking place so fast that our heads are spinning. Its like a 3 stooges comedy to watch the liberal media continue to support Obama.
  My question was, "What is wrong with America? Those of us who have been around a little longer have an answer. That answer is, "all have sinned.", but otherwise nothing is wrong with America that is not ten times worse around this world and there is no better place in the World than America.  The socialists keep telling us to give more power to the government. They don't like us to point to Nazi Germany, Stalin's Russia, Castro's Cuba, Mao's China in proof that socialism doesn't work. Socialism fails when there are more receivers than there are providers.
  The younger generations are not really informed as to what our Constitution provides in, "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." No other nation has had this in its entirety, there is no chance or change that will provide these things. Every other plan that has been designed provides just the opposite. Government wants to determine who lives and who dies. Government wants to have absolute control of its constituents. The pursuit of happiness is not the same as orchestrated happiness. Government cannot make everyone happy, only God can do that.
America has turned its heart and eyes away from God, Obama and his government are not going to remedy that. America is socially, financially & spiritually bankrupt. Obama and his government doesn't have the answer.
Marriage no longer means what it should mean. Babies are being brutally murdered while still in the womb. Sexual perversion has almost become socially acceptable. Homosexuals have crept into every area of our society and are working their way into acceptability even if it has to be by law. Obama and his government cannot nor will not fix these tragedies.
  America is involved in warfare in more than one part of the world, yet doesn't seem to have the heart to win the war. Instead is divided between those who say we need to win and those that say we need to put our tails between our legs and get out of those countries. These believe the enemies will just disappear into the sand and never bother us again.
  America has its very foundation rooted in the Bible. Any honest person knows that Christians formed and developed every aspect of this nation. Amazingly the nation it founded gave absolute freedom for people to believe what they wanted to believe. The government would never be given power to regulate religion again.
  This little article may be read by one or more individuals that will agree with the premise and add to a possible return of America to its path and the security of its founded freedoms.
  For America to get right, it must get right with God. America cannot get right with God enmasse; it has to be done one by one as each one wakes up to the part he or she plays in the down turn of our beloved and God blessed nation. God is a forgiving God, the blood of Christ has been shed as propituation for our sin. God's house, true to his word, will assemble us to repentance.

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