That's What Religions Do

  The current debate about a proposed Islam mosque being built near ground zero in New York City is right now at a fever pitch. I would not be surprised, in the climate of the present politically correct leanings, that we will soon see the construction begin or the moslems will choose a nearby site at a great profit.
  One of the subjects brought out in the debate is the charge that the moslems want a mosque in that location to mark a victory that the religion has won.  This charge has merit.  If you were to take a trip to Jerusalem, you would find a world renown mosque that has been built and maintained on one of the most holy spot  revered by Jews and Christians.  It is where Abraham obeyed God in the attempted sacrifice of Isaac. It is the very spot upon which stood Solomon's temple and the designated spot where all temples to Jehovah God is supposed to be.  Remember now, Allah is not Jehovah.! It is no secret that moslems hate Jews with a passion and one of their first and earliest drives were to defeat Judaism and erect a moslem shrine in Jerusalem.
  True history of the conquests of islam reveals that it is a common practice of the moslems to build mosques on conquered territory.
  Though there are a few religions that are domestic and not particularly interested in reaching outside their borders, most religions are committed to world conversion. Islam has from its inception in the sixth century been driven to conquer new territory. They have a history of sweeping into uncharted or settled communities and forcefully enacting sharia law as soon as they can be recognized.
  To moslems, America is the "Great Satan." They have been at war with us for a hundred years. Not strong enough to outwardly attack, they have resorted to terrorist actions.  Do not for one minute think that this is only the work of extremists, for their holy book, the koran substantiates their animosity.  Obviously with America's basic treatise of religious freedom, there can be no active political rejection of the approach of islam.  Unless Islam does something that there would be no public question of its military aggressions, then islam will continue to press for its goal of converting America to its ways.
  Our only hope and hopefully, prayer, is that American believers will be revived and realize that Christ is the answer. Salvation and the promises of God in Christ are far greater than anything  that islam has to offer. Our message of the grace of God is a true release of all the bondage that islam entails. Mohammed offers no proof or conclusion to the benefits of islam. His religion puts its followers into a mindset of slaves.  Just look at the countries that are controlled by islam.  Oil has provided an unbelievable wealth to a few of the islam countries, but even there one finds a great disparity between the oil sheiks and the average moslem.
  He is the way, the only way, to Heaven and eternal life. The clear Gospel will overcome any and all the message of islam. Proof? Look at the world as a whole today. What segment of society is suffering the worse at this hour. It is those converts from islam to Christianity.  Next it is inhabitants of moslem communities who make decisions to mimic the freedoms they hear and see in the Christian  influenced world.
  Islam can only be hindered in its natural quest to convert the world, by Christians who will stand up and preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be able to deal with the lies and deceptions of the islam religion. The Koran teaches them to deceive their way to gain benefit and make converts. They must know the truth, for only the truth can set them free. Jesus is the truth, the life, and the way.


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