What Are You Waiting For?

  Inertia, procrastination, opportunity.  These words describe the elements of inaction. Human beings are subject to humanity's nature.  Most of the successes and achievements of people through the ages has been due to  the ability to act at the right moment and in the correct method.  A truly spiritual Christian knows that the only way to accomplish anything is through the power of God, but God's power is hindered and stopped by our hesitation, procrastination and rebellion.
  I know of instances in my own experience when I simply did not act or react properly and promptly. I know by the testimony of others that I am no different that most humans. Dwight L. Moody has been credited with saying that, "The world has yet to see a Christian totally yielded to God."
  Feeling inadequate?  2 Cor. 12:9 tells us that God works best through our infirmities. Feeling lonely? God and you make a majority. Feeling unsure? Whoops! Now we are in real territory. This is one of procrastination's best cohorts. This is a door for the devil. This is why a Christian needs to know the Word of God and be sensitive to the Spirit of God.  Remember, Wisdom comes only from God and we but need to ask Him for wisdom.
  Procrastination is a result of not knowing what to do or fear of an outcome. Then there is the question of sacrifice. It is interesting that we readily quote Romans 12:1 as our intention, but when we are actually called upon to make even a minor sacrifice there is hesitancy.
  Every Christian is an ultimate tool for God's power, but all failure is human failure. Indecision is a blockage to the power of
God.  There is a prevailing need for Christians to be completely yielded to God's purposes continually so that the human weakness will not be able to appear at inopportune times.
  It should be the desire of any Christian to be responsive to the need of immediate action. Part of that depends upon our constant confessing our need of the Spirit of God. Part of it is the internal assurance that the Lord is working inside us and because of that we have discernment.
  Almost every decision has a right and wrong direction. God is not the author of confusion, but the devil is.  If we think about it just a little, we know that the devil is no match for God. The only victim he can use to thwart the power of God is through us'ns. The lost are held captive by him at his will, so that leaves you and me (assuming that you are a born again believer.) He does his best work by getting us to procrastinate or chicken out.
  The only absolute command that Jesus gives us in His Word is the command to Preach the Gospel. All of the other directives are directly related to preaching the Gospel. Your preaching is similar to the Pharisees if you don't live what you preach.  We are left with decisions as to when, where and how to preach the Gospel. That is where the problem roots. Every Christian admits to passing by opportunities to preach the Gospel. The most common excuse that people give for not preaching the Gospel is the fear that they might not be able to debate the arguments that an unbeliever responds with.  America is saturated with lost people who have heard the Gospel and adopted various arguments to deny the power of the Gospel in their own life. This discourages the average Christian's zeal to Preach the Gospel. This causes a loss of the burden for the lost.
  One more reason for procrastination or denial of action is the over riding problem of laziness. Yes, laziness. Too lazy to look into a matter just enough to leave no doubt of its importance. Then when persuaded still not willing to put our energy into what needs to be done. Lastly, we should never let somebody else's procrastination or denial govern what we do, or allow us to excuse ourselves.

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