Explain That Again

  Many Bible believing Baptist Churches depend upon a working plan for the financing of missionary projects. It is called Faith Promise Giving. Though there is no direct quote of this phrase or plan in the Bible, it is very easily proved from a collection of related verses and passages. The real proof though is found in the ministries of those Churches who adopt this plan. It is truly obvious that it works. Deuteronomy 16:17 says, "Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD thy God which he hath given thee."  Anyone with any sense knows that God provides every thing any of us have and all we can do is return what we will or can to Him. But that is still not faith promise giving. We may take it upon ourselves occasionally to give sacrificially. This means we take away from ourselves to give to someone or something else.  This also cannot be called faith promise giving.
  First, we must present the fact that it takes money to do God's work. Everything connected to any church and its ministry takes money to operate. It costs money to gather people together. It costs money to build that gathering a place to meet. It costs money to bring utilities and upkeep to that building.  It costs money to provide manpower to direct and manage that church. And it costs money for that church to obey the great commission.
  It is impossible for the world to be evangelized if it can only be financed by what men will give. This is probably the greatest cause of the lack of the gospel around the world today, man just cannot afford it.
  I think of the young lad's lunch in John 6. He willingly gave to share with over 5000. The Lord multiplied that meal to satisfy thousands.  That is a sample of what the Lord can do.
  In faith promise, a Christian just simply offers himself or herself as a channel by which God can support missions. It has proven itself over and over by countless testimonies of those who have determined to let the Lord have His way.
Sometimes people get it mixed up. They think that one must ask God to provide and they will give it back. Some will consider their budget and dedicate a portion above the tithe. These are not faith promise.
  Faith promise works only by faith, our faith. We make it a matter of prayer and dedication to be used of the Lord by being a clean vessel unto His service and a channel by which he can provide supply for missions. When we have determined an amount that we truly can trust the Lord for, we determine to put that amount into the offering plate designated for missions. We know we do not have it and could not afford it, but we know we can trust the Lord to supply as we give. We are not giving as He supplies, He is supplying what we give. This plan normally only grows year by year as more folk realize that God is the supply.
  This plan only works for the spread of the Gospel to the uttermost part, and it can only be participated in by those who dedicate their hearts to truly believe God.  It only works in conjunction with other scriptural giving. It only works in Churches whose heart is right with God.

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