Religion and Politics

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech"

  The above statement from the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States is the only official statement regarding the relationship between religion and politics. It clearly tells government that it cannot meddle with religion. It clearly does not tell Christians to stay out of politics. America is in serious trouble today because Christians have been made to believe that they have no right to be involved in politics.
  It is true that Christians should not mix their politics with their religion, but their faith should motivate them to do whatever they can to keep their God given liberties outlined in the Constitution.
  It is amazing that our nation was founded upon Godly principals and the righteousness of God is the foundation of all of our national laws, yet there are major attempts and movements to erase all elements of a true and living God. Christianity has been targeted  by powers that be.  The Christian faith stands alone in being the obstacle against a godless world. What better battle ground than politics.
  It is past time for Christians to get involved in politics. No they should not become professional politicians, but rather they should vote at every opportunity and watch whom they vote for.
They need to attend public meetings where vital discussions are being heard and given. They need to participate and do their best to get onto boards of their community. One of the most important is the educational board. Kid's futures sometimes are decided by a vote of the members of the school board. How about the city council?  Someone occupies each of those seats, and is important in decisions that determine crucial directions of a local community. Then there are the state representatives that determine which direction a state may take in major matters. State senators and representatives set things up ultimately for the whole nation. Governors, judges and prosecutors also play very important positions in the way our world runs. If Christians stay away from these responsibilities then naturally the world will provide bodies to fill those chairs. Contrary to popular belief democratic politics will not always work.  If the majority of the community do not love God, then you can be sure Christians will lose freedoms and opportunity.   Majority rule is not the best way to run a country. A country has to be run by rules and laws, and those rules and laws have to be instituted by a higher authority. That authority has to be recognized by everyone alike.
  America is crumbling only because much of it is rejecting the only true authority of God. Many of the so called blue laws have been eradicated and ignored by people who do not want God to be in charge.
  Christians must do everything they can to maintain the rules and laws that were established by our founding fathers, knowing what their motivations were. The only way we can keep them in effect is to run for and win the political offices that enable those decisions to be made. It seems as though our nation has right now been awakened to the attempts of some in both political parties to shove the constitution aside. The present administration has done several things and touted many things that could ultimately render the constitution powerless.
  We must never assume that America will follow its founding purposes automatically as godless politicians gain prominence over the governing of our nation. Godless leadership will lead to godless behavior.
  It is not spiritual and is certainly not scriptural to claim that God doesn't  want believers involved in politics. We must take the lead in the direction of a God blessed nation.

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