A Perplexing Problem

  The world has a perplexing problem. What to do with Christmas? The prevailing trend of the world is to rid itself of Jesus Christ.  They just do not want Him or any mention of Him. They are constantly getting laws and ordinances passed, excluding Jesus Christ from public view. That name has been banned from many public venues. Even when some governmental meeting allows a prayer or moment of silence, they forbid any voice from mentioning Jesus Christ. Valedictorians and Salutatorians are forbidden from bringing Jesus into their awarded speeches.
  Now comes Christmas time.  Merchants are wrestling with the phrases "Merry Christmas" or Happy Holidays." Many of them want to be politically correct and exclude the 6 letters that say "Christ." The public outcry is so loud that some of them are giving in and either not instructing their employees at all, or giving them permission to say, "Merry Christmas."
  You see merchants have one goal. That is to make as much money as they can. They know that the Christmas season is the most profitable time of the year. Some make the claim that Christmas sales are equal to all the other sales of the year. The only reason for this is gift givers. People are buying gifts. The season has dictated that for centuries. Christmas time is gift giving time. Most gift givers want to purchase their gift from the local merchants, so the local merchants stock their shelves with the latest, most fashionable, or most unique gifts. The advertise highly during this season to attract shoppers through their doors.
  The world wants to rid itself of Jesus, but wants to keep the gift buying aspect. It's a business proposition.
  Now, lets look at another angle of this thing. What is the drive that makes us want to buy the most expensive, most unique and most elaborate gifts during the Christmas season?  This thing is completely out of hand. Multitudes are spending themselves flat broke in order to give gifts at Christmas time. It supposedly started when the wise men brought gifts to the young child Jesus. Then there is the story of Kris Kringle and the story of Father Christmas, then the story of Santa Claus. It just never ends! Folk actually spend nights on sidewalks, in order to be the first in line to partake of "Black Friday" bargains. I understand that China has a city called "Christmas" that is filled with factories that specialize in making and assembling Christmas stuff. Everything from Christmas tree decorations to the latest electronic marvels. Americans are making the Chinese economy go through the roof by buying junk.
  I am not really sure if there is a way to reverse all this. There are many who say that we must reverse this trend in order to keep American dollars home. There are some who say, We must reverse this trend or the moral stability of America will be lost. Most Christians taut the idea that we need to return to a Christmas that honors the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. It should be a Christian holiday! It is a time for rejoicing and happiness that God has provided salvation to all who will personally receive His gift of His only begotten Son. I agree with this quest.
  I think however that the world will continue to devise means to dethrone Jesus Christ and replace Him with Santa. People will be given a continuous stream of objects of purchase, and the economy will ebb and flow based on the quality and sufficiency of the junk that is highly advertised as the best gift. Christians will need to set their own courses and boundaries regarding this special time. Maybe they will take time out from the bizzyness of shopping and running, just to read their children the wonderful story of that little babe in the manger. Jesus came to this world to save people from their sins. Isn't it interesting that most of His ministry circled around His messages against greed, selfishness and pride.


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