Another Day Older, and Deeper….

  As we enter into a new year it is a lot easier to be uneasy about the future.  It is pretty certain that most of us have never been here before…. Well you know what I mean!! Politics has given us a leadership in Washington, D.C. that is bound and determined to shake things up.  They have given away money that they do not even have, it could be called Chinese money. They are passing laws and ordinances that will effect our lives for years to come. They are grabbing more power with which to control us from Washington.  They are taking our freedoms one by one.  Al Gore thought he invented the internet and now Barack is assuming that he owns it.  Our Congress has legitimized homosexuals as a distinct race of people and will now literally dismantle the military with that decision.  From now on the public will be put upon to also legitimize humanities' reprobates if the trends continue.  Washington is in the process of removing radio and TV personalities that offend them.  Some of the very laws that the constitution gave us for freedom, are being twisted to take away our freedom
  Think of this. Theologians have taken the Word of God and twisted it to say what they want it to say, sometimes the very opposite of what it actually says.  Supreme Court judges have taken our Constitution and twisted it to say what they want it to say, sometimes the very opposite of what it actually says.
  Its been over 40 years since prayer was taken from the classroom, since it has been legal to slaughter babies in the womb, since the homosexuals rose to be recognized, since the state assumed control of the individual races of people, since welfare became a rule instead of a choice, since women got the choice to get rid of unwanted babies, since churches assumed the freedom to operate according to the desires of their membership, since a younger generation rebelled against the wisdom of older generations with government help. All of these things now taking control of our society have made us uneasy and a little uncertain of what the future holds.
  The socialists and progressives promise that their systems will be a better future, even though their experiments in Russia, China, Cuba and Ethiopia have dismally failed.  They think they can control the world and make it work better. What they really mean is that they will make the common man work harder for less.
  Well I have said enough to suck the happiness from the Happy New Year but that is not the purpose of this article.
   You and I live in the most exciting time ever. One does not even have to be a theologian to know that we are living in the last time. The Bible is proving itself true to a dubious world. God is still in charge of time and He knows how much longer it is going to last.
  Think of this. Christians of the past centuries for the most part had the assignment to introduce Jesus to a needy world. We watched as the World heard and for the most part received the message. The world became civilized under the influence of the love and compassion of  Jesus through those who believed upon Him. But now there is a backlash of Satan, his minions and his followers. The unbelieving world is standing up with a stubborn rejection of Jesus.  You and I have the privilege of standing up and defending the faith of the Word of God in Jesus Christ. We are having to know about what we believe and why we believe the precious Book. There is so much confusion in the denominations of Churches, cults have shoved their contraption into public view, false religions rise into prominence; all of which demands that we get down to business and be prepared to answer for what we know to be the truth.
  Every Christian ought to be on the front line in this battle!!!

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