He Did Not Wrestle Against Flesh

  This article is based upon a current event that has just happened here in the area about four hours north of me. A young high school senior has given up a title and prizes because of what he believes. You may have never heard of Joel Northrup, but now you will.  He has been a member of his high school wrestling team. He has worked hard to attain the skill he has. He has literally wrestled his way to the top of his state. Wrestling doesn't appeal to me because as a kid, I many times found myself at the bottom of wrestling bouts with neighbor hood boys, especially Darrel and Wilbert. But, I have learned a few things in these year of mine about the sport. A fellow pastor's son got me interested a few years ago.  It is a sport. It gets into a young person's nature to compete with someone else for the mastery of the ring. Most people would classify it in some way to boxing or fencing. Wrestling is unique, because it is a total body contact sport. Wrestlers have to get very close to each other, sometimes armpit to armpit. They have to know muscles and which one can be grabbed for leverage. They know how to use every inch of their own body to force every inch of the opponent's body to the floor. Chest against chest, arm against arm and leg against leg. Many times the spectator doesn't know which appendage belongs to which wrestler.
  America has been walking down a treacherous path for several years now. The uni-sex revolution has reached a peak. Women who want to be men and men who want to be women have gained unbelievable power in their present society. God told us it would happen in Romans 1. We are watching a young generation that have grown accustomed to such behaviour and for the most part see nothing wrong with gays and same sex marriage.
  Laws and culture of America have been altered to the point that many things that should be forbidden are now forced upon us by so called civil right laws and we for the most part have bowed to the demands of perverts.

  Let's get back to Joel. He had risen to the best wrestler of his team and was getting ready to enter finals when he was informed of who his opponent to be was. Her name was Cassie. She is a girl (hard to tell by looking at her!) She is a wrestler too. Don't know much about her, because somehow I don't see girls as wrestlers. If that's my problem, then it will remain my problem.
Anyway, Joel is a professing and probably a possessing Christian. He has been taught by Godly parents and believes in his own heart that it would be scripturally and morally wrong for him to wrestle a girl. He has voluntarily given up his possible victory winnings because of his convictions.
  I have written this article to bring this information to a wider audience, mostly made up by believers in Christ. I am using Joel as a challenge to you and I to wake up to our own little world. Are we standing up for our convictions? Are we willing to lose something special because of our belief?  Are we willing to suffer the mocking of the press for a stand that means nothing to a wicked world? Is the Word of God important enough to us to make a stand against public opinion, even in our own little world? Are we standing idly by while our world marches its way down the treacherous slope to hedonism and worse? There are so many things that are WRONG!!! Yet, we believers for the most part are silent. We go to Church and we don't even want our preacher to remind us of the wrongs. We hate him instead of the culture that has been forced upon us. "It is none of our business" is the attitude of many Christians as we watch young people being drawn innocently into a wicked society. If our voices are silent and we do nothing to stop the trend, it will not get better!
  I would want a Church that is willing to take the heat.


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