Submission by Choice

Though He is Lord of Lords, having instruction for every aspect of life, and is our creator, knowing every aspect of the human psyche and physic, Jesus never presented Himself other that a servant to mankind. When the disciples hinted at positions they might have in His kingdom, Jesus told them that in order to be chief or greatest, one must first be a servant. The greatest presidents we have had were once common people, the worst presidents we have had were career politicians.
  Of all the teaching that Jesus gave, one was outstanding. We are to be followers of Him. The greatest goal of any Christian would be to have the nature and character of our saviour.
  His first series of lessons in the book of Matthew taught us to be humble in life. Self seekers is the description of people who do not know Christ. Meek and lowly should be the description of any follower of Jesus.
  The term submit or submission is a prominent word that is used in scripture showing us how to position ourselves in the Christian life. Husbands and wives are to submit themselves together in the Lord, then the wife should submit herself to her own husband, as unto the Lord. Children must obey (submit) themselves to their parents. Employees must submit themselves unto their employers. Citizens must submit themselves unto the authorities. And of course I would not leave out the admonition in Hebrews 13 that Church members should obey (submit) unto those that have rule in the Church. Read it for yourself! But in case a pastor gets a big head or wants to "run things." he must never forget that it won't work if he is not subject to his Master, who is actually not the deacon board.
  There is no confusion in God's business as long as we do it His way. He is not the author of confusion. Through the years I have noticed that homes break up when there is not God's order of things. If the husband is not submissive with his wife to the Lord, there is trouble. If the wife is not submissive to her own husband, there is trouble. If the kids are allowed not to be submissive (obedient) to their parents, there is trouble. If employees rebel against submitting to employers, there is trouble. Unions do a good job of separating employees from their real responsibilities and they siphon much of the profits for themselves. Ever see a union that wasn't crooked at the top?
  Many Churches become corrupt when their pastor rebels against the Lord and patterns his ministry to please the people or his peers. Church members for silly reasons begin to disrespect the man of God and ultimately rebel against his ministry towards them. Rejecting his message because of personality conflict or just simply refusing to obey the Word of God itself.
  Our current society is in trouble because every man wants to do what is right in his own eyes and he doesn't want to yield to any authority, even the very Word of God. You and I who live in this time and have a sense of past times, know that we are headed downhill and for some kind of chaos. The rebellion that we are seeing all around us is ultimately rebellion against God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. False religion is rapidly taking center stage and it has the potential of becoming a cruel taskmaster.  Strangely, that is how God judged the Israelites for over 400 years after they had entered the promised land. Cycles of peace, rebellion, chaos & a taskmaster.


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