The Liberation of Libya?

  At the writing of this article, there is a major conflict in the country of Libya. The U.S. under the go ahead of President Barak Obama and several countries under the United Nations have enacted a no fly zone over Libya and there is a small band of rebels who hope to overthrow a tyrant. This is the public story as it is being carried out. It is interesting that Libya is one of the nations listed that will be involved in Armageddon in Ezekiel 36-39. The reader will probably know that even while Libya is in its throes, Egypt has just been made leaderless, and 4 or 5 other Arabic nations are under turmoil  with the populaces marching against kings, sheiks and tyrants.
  It is amazing how politicians and news media are exited in their belief that these nations may be becoming democratic. Nothing is furtherer from the truth. The first clue is that if they were becoming democratic, they would be honoring the U.S. as a model.
America is not a model, but held in disdain alongside Israel by just about every Arabic nation. Even those that are moderately Islam. Right here, I need to make something materialize. Do you understand that most of the Arabic nations embrace the religion of Islam, but up to now are not being governed by Islam. Most of them up to now were governed by sheik's or something similar. The riots in those nations are going to allow Islam and Imams to take over the government of those Arabic nations, and would you believe Obama is helping that to happen. Mubarak and many of those "Sheik's have been allies to the U.S. but very few Imams will be allies to the U.S and Israel, if any.
  This article is propounding the idea and interpretation of scripture that the gathering of Islam's hoards is for the ultimate goal of erasing Israel off the map. A close look of the mid-eastern map current will show that Israel is just a tiny nation totally surrounded by Arabic nations, that right now are becoming Islamic nations. If you have never believed the Bible, this has got to raise some major questions to your position especially if you can be shown from the Bible, that God has warned us that these events would take place in the last times. The Bible told us that Israel, which for a time was divided into two parts would be discontinued as a physical nation about 70 years after Christ. (Daniel told us that about 600 years before Christ!) Israel did not exist as a nation for almost 2000 years, but was re-established in 1948. Jesus told us that when we saw that happen, His second coming would take place within a generation.
  Think about the above two sentences. Israel did not exist for almost 2000 years, but within my lifetime, Jews re-gathered after 1920 years and reformed their nation that is recognized by virtually every civilized nation and for all those centuries a small nationality of people had maintained the integrity of their nation in spite of being scattered among all the other nations of the earth.
  If you have looked at your map of the middle east and the nations that are being named in the current news, then you know or at least think that Israel has just about had it. Humanly speaking, they don't have a chance.  This is going to be one of the biggest tests of prophecy that we have seen since the year 70 A.D. God's Word tells us in Ezekiel and Revelation that God Himself will show up and protect His land from invasion and devastation.
  Perhaps I should end this article with one more fact.  If you see the nation of Israel miracously survive the onslaught of the north nations that were Biblically listed. Then you will have missed your chance to be saved.  You will have been left behind from the rapture of the born again believers. Your only chance of being saved from Hell and God's judgment, is right now during this age of grace.  God calls you now with the Gospel to trust the death of Jesus Christ as the punishment for your sin.  Ask God to save you right now in Jesus Name………..


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