The Best Source of Courage

In the thirtieth chapter of First Samuel, we find David in an unusual predicament. For some time now he has been the target of Saul's anger. The nation of Israel is at war with the Philistines, David has found refuge with Achish and Achish is aligning itself with the Philistines. When the Philistines recognize David, they demand that he and his men be dismissed from the battle with Saul.
  When David and his men return to their city, they find it burned having been destroyed by the Amalekites. Their wives and children have been taken captive.  David's men have begun to blame David for this calamity. David suddenly finds himself virtually alone and those of his world are rejecting him.
  In verse 6 the Bible says that David, "encouraged himself in the Lord his God."
  This story was included in the Bible to give any child of God a plan when all else seems to fail.
  David had complete faith in God. From his youth, he had often relied upon God to help him and protect him. The Book of Psalms records many instances of David's reliance upon God. His faith in God had grown step by step as he witnessed God in various ways provide his necessities.
  David had a relationship with God. He was humble in his approach to God. Again Psalms reveals the heart of David in his personal relationship to God. He knew he was in God's favor. Any one who has receive Jesus Christ, automatically comes into God's favor. If we confess our sin, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  When we stay nigh Him, He is near us and ready to strengthen our every weakness.
  David sought the Lord's direction, step by step and followed the Lord's instructions. The power of God's promise acted upon by David's obedience resulted in complete deliverance of the captives. Not one was lost.
  David gave the Lord every bit of the glory for the victory. David had an inner pride and an inner drive to be the best, but he still knew how to glorify the Lord.
  Again, David's experience here should be an example to those of us who come into impossible situations.  There are brick walls and there are pitfalls in the life of any believer. Sometimes life itself brings them, sometimes those who do not like us bring them and most of the time it is the devil himself who bring them.
Humanly speaking, David had nowhere else to turn except to the Lord. He encouraged himself in the Lord his God. If God be for us, who can be against us. That is the spirit he had. He knew the strong right arm of God would be his strength. He knew that he was a child of God. He knew the many faceted promises of God for those who trust Him.
  Even though he had found himself an enemy of his King. Even though he had been disdained by the Philistines. Even though his friendship had been betrayed by Achish. Even though his own men had begun to distrust him, to the point that it seemed they were going to stone David. David was able to encourage himself in the Lord his God.
  It is important to know that David was already prepared to turn to the Lord when all others failed. He had done so before in other situations.  We have to know how God works in these matters. This is the reason we must know the word of God.  The stories, characters and scenarios that are presented in the Bible are given to us to assure us that God is still on the throne, regardless of what happens to us.  When we yield to Him and allow Him to do his best, then any situation can be resolved. Those who give us grief can be turned over to Him and  He will take care of any matter great or small.


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