Who's In Charge Here?

  As a Fundamental Baptist believer, I have a pretty sound grasp on my Bible. It has told me in no uncertain terms where I came from, why I am here and where I am going. There are details for each one of those facets of existence. The first, I had nothing to do with, but God did. The second was and is a result of choices I made along the way, but ultimately I believe it is God's will. The third one will be the result of a choice I made a long time ago, but in accord to an offer I just could not refuse.
  Most of my waking hours, I am sadly amused at my world as it very determinedly explores avenues, most of which are in opposition to the will of God. It has blindly altered its course from Biblical and Spiritual mandates. We are like a meteor out of its scheduled orbit making its way through an asteroid belt.  Or to be more down to earth, like a blind man in a jungle. The sixth sense of many men is yelling to the top of its voice in warning of immanent danger. We answer the description of Jesus telling of the broad road that leads to destruction.
  I watched and heard a lady being interviewed yesterday. In the interview she spoke of seeking laws that would enable animals to sue humans for mistreatment and she was serious.  The really sad thing is that as stupid as our society is becoming, such a ruling would not be a surprise.  Recently the Ninth Circuit Court, or rather one judge of that court ruled that the public of the entire state of California could not vote on the same sex marriage issue.  Turns out that that judge has a partner of the same sex for the past ten or so years. Is this where I am supposed to say, "Duh!"
  Maybe I had better stop citing such illustrations, or I will have a doubly difficult time rounding out the purpose of this article. In spite of the craziness of our present world. In spite of the mass confusion of our religious world. In spite of the increasing number of dumbos that we are sending to Washington. In spite of 496 new laws that have been enacted under the influence of Obama and his non-elected Czars. In spite that our world has changed, we are still under the absolute power and plan of an almighty, Omniscient God. He is in charge.  The best part is that He has provided us with a Book that will ultimately prove that there are no accidents in our universe.  Everything that He has told us in this Book will turn out exactly like He said it would.
  Now back to our world that seems to be reeling off course and is said to be about to reverse its polarity as the sun increases its intensity. We are rationing our fuel oils, our water and our air in parts of our world.  Wealthy nations are being fined for damages they are inflicting on the environment and the fines are being allotted to nations who have not quite measured up to the requirements of a green world. Our own president put more emphasis on Easter eggs and Earth Day than he gave a risen saviour.
  Christianity has been divided into two segments; conservative and liberal, with multifarious sub-divisions.  I believe a good test on the interpretation of Scripture is to ask a simple question. What is God telling us and why do we try to rationalize it? We have rejected God's Word in so many areas. Sin is not sin. Hell is not hot. Everyone will eventually make Heaven, whether God likes it or not! We are free to do what we want to do and no one has a right to judge us. Jesus can be whoever you want him to be. We really don't have clear instructions from God. Churches must have the primary goal of showing how holy and deserving we are of God's favor.  If we look closely, we can see God in nature and the earth is our mother.
  When we do not allow God and His Word to be in charge, we are destined to great difficulty. Well, I am so glad that God knew what we would do and has already described an ending for those of us who simply believe Him!

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