The Word Of God

  The only thing tangible that we have from the God of Heaven is a book. Everything else is a matter of interpretation or conviction. This book has defied all attempts to discredit or destroy it. This book is flawless in its pure form. This book contains full answers to each of the basic philosophical questions. This book gives a soul satisfying answer to the nagging need of life's real purpose.
  An explainable mystery revolves around the Word of God. John tells us in chapter one, verse one that the Word was in the beginning with God and was God. Jesus is known to us as the living Word of God. In that form He is the creator of all things and without Him was not anything made.
  The Bible is the written Word of God. Though it can and has been counterfeited, though it has been corrupted through interpretation. Though it has been tossed aside by mankind, it still holds its place as the only revelation of God to men. It still holds the only plan of salvation and eternal life for mankind.
  The Word of God serves several purposes for us. It gives us the history of all creation. It gives instructions for our getting right with God. It gives God's eternal plan for His chosen people; those chosen in Abraham and those chosen in Christ. It gives us instructions in minute detail for successful and bountiful lives. It is full of personal illustrations and examples of handling any and all problems that human beings face.
  The Word of God brings comfort, joy, peace, encouragement, assurance and hope.  The Word of God helps us to avoid and to recognize sin against God. The Word of God assures us of the forgiveness and pardon of God's mercy and grace.
Genesis through 2 Chronicles gives mankind's history, revolving around people who respond in faith to God's proposal. Then God works through several individuals to show us that He can and will work through our lives if we yield to His will. God inspired David and Solomon in writing soul encouraging and life changing books. Prophets take the rest of the Old Testament to reveal that God, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, is able to not only know the future, but also to control the workings of this world to accomplish a specific outcome, part of which is being accomplished as you read this article.
  The New Testament has four men document and witness the presentation of the messiah to the Jewish world.  They rejected and crucified him. God knew that too! Acts and the Epistles are specific instructions to the churches of Jesus Christ to self govern, self support and to self propagate.
  The final book of the New Testament is introduced and the revelation of Jesus Christ.  He spoke the absolute truth when He said that He is the truth, the life and the way in John 14.
  In Psalms 119:11, David wrote an outstanding verse that is deeper that we can comprehend.  Most of the time we use it to encourage the memorizing of favorite and useful scriptures and passages. It can and I believe should be, seen in relation to John 1:1. John told us that Jesus, the Word, is God. Jesus tells us in Revelation 3:20 that He knocks at our (heart) door. Romans 8 tells us that if the Spirit of Christ is not in us then we are not saved. Ephesians one tells us that Christ is the elect of God and we can only be saved by trusting Him. Thus David was very deep when He said, "Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee."
  Those who do not believe that Jesus is God are still in their sins. Those who do not have the son of God, not only do not have life but the wrath of God abides upon them. 1 John 5:12, John 3:36. How important is the Word of God to you? Is it only a Holy Book that you revere, or is it SOUL food?
  Are you in a Church that emphasizes the Word of God?


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