We May Really Be in Trouble Now!

  President Obama left no doubt in the minds of the world where he stands regarding Israel and Jerusalem in particular. He shows that  he will be pushing to return the borders of the holy land back to pre-1967 positions.  The younger generation have no visualization of what that means. The most important part of that plan is to give the nomadic Palestinians something that they do not rightly own and never have. Most of the Jews were taken in captivity by Syrians and Assyrians around 500 BC. The world empires beginning with Babylon in the 600's took the remaining tribes captive. For the next 500 years the Jews were kept from ruling their own land by the Babylonians,  Persians, Grecians and the Romans. The Romans were still in power during the earthly life of Jesus and for the next two hundred years or so. Israel was focused upon by the Romans in 70A.D. and Jerusalem was razed to the ground then. The Jews were completely dissimulated into the world at that time. The Holy Land became a barren wasteland that no nation desired to control. Various weirdoes ruled temporarily only to be replaced by another weirdo.
  There were other nations and countries that were treated the same way during those centuries. Most disappeared and became extinct. The Jews miraculously  maintained their identity though they were scattered among various nations of the world.
  I need to stop for a moment and remind the reader that there is a book that accurately prophesied all this and more. That book is the Bible. That book actually shows that the Holy Land is God's property.  No, I don't mean like He owns the whole earth. I mean He holds the deed to the place. The Jews were allowed to live in it only as long as they were His people. That book tells us also that the Jews are God's people even if they don't want to be and that any nation who blesses Israel will be blessed and any nation who curses Israel will be cursed. I wonder, how does someone curse someone? I think its when you turn someone over to evil!
I feel something on the back of my neck. Part of it is the animosity that someone may be feeling toward me, for not feeling sorry for the poor Palestinians.  Well I don't feel sorry for them, neither did the King of Jordan a couple hundred years ago.  History can enlighten wonderfully. While you are in your history book, you might re-read about the 67 war against Israel.
  At any rate our president has once again shown his ignorance of American history and the precedents of his office. He is so determined to change America that he is throwing the baby out with the bath water. He has some sort of disdain for our heritage and cannot comprehend the importance of building upon a successful history.  He probably doesn't have the brains to be a dictator, but he is setting up America to be ruled by a dictator in the near future.  He is making more and more Americans angry with his decisions towards socialism.
  If the American people allow this policy to grow and become a national policy, then I guarantee that America will immediately fall under the curse of God.
  While we are here, I will interject my opinion on America's current relationship with God. For some time now I have been preaching and speaking that I believe America and most of the world has already been turned over to a reprobate mind. If one really believes the Bible, then he or she must see this in reading Romans 1:18-32. God's turning us over to a reprobate mind is not to be confused with a curse. The current problems we have from the growth of perversion in our culture is not evidenced by action of an angry God.  Cursing Israel will bring God's curse. Now, that will leave no doubt with the recipients of God's actions.  All you and I can do is pray!  Pray that God will give you wisdom on how to use your American privilege of voting and petitioning your president to wake up!!!


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