Graven Image Defined

    I know I have commented before on the productions of Hollywood and associated sources. I have left no doubt about my opinion of the History, Discovery and Disney channels on TV. I consider all of them a definite enemy of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. But, this article will put a different slant on things.
   In the fourth verse of Exodus twenty, God says, "thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…." This tops the list of things that He tells us to do and not to do in the ten commandments.
  Before I go any further, I realize that we as human beings tend to make two primary mistakes in our take of the word of God. We either, say it doesn't mean what it says, or we go overboard on it by saying it means something that it doesn't mean.  In the case of graven image making, I believe we had better take a second look at it even though we are in the age of grace. Most of the time when we talk about a graven image, we are thinking of some sort of statue. Marble, stone, metal or wood images of ancient gods, historic figures or popular characters. Of course, for many of us it becomes a point of argument when we refer to the statues of saints, Mary and Jesus in some churches; and it is a valid point!
  The phrase I have quoted from Exodus, simply says that we should not make "any" graven image. The simple phrase is followed by the bowing down connection, but grammatically doesn't necessarily connect. We normally think of the danger of people making themselves graven images and bowing down to them as home made gods. We certainly realize why God would give such a commandment.
  When I mention an artwork painting of Jesus, What comes into your mind? Can I ask if the mental image that is right now in your mind picturing Jesus with long hair. Do you know that the Word of God in 1 Corinthians 11:14 tells us it is a shame for a man to have long hair. Do you really think Jesus has long hair?
Is it not reasonable that God told us not to make graven images so that we would not be given false images of God himself or His Son Jesus. There is no defined description of either in the Word of God. God doesn't want us to make graven images of Him. Look how far we have come.
  It is time for me to lay out a major case. Mel Gibsons' passion movie was a horrendous movie supposed depicting the agony of Mary witnessing the crucifixion of her son. This movie along with every other movie of Jesus invariably departs from the scriptures and presents the agenda of the producer. I include Christian movies in this broad statement. Sorry!
   Through the years, my wife and I have spent hours trimming the long hair off Jesus and other Bible men, except Samson, in our flannel graph materials without thinking of God's commandment regarding graven images. Don't close the paper here!! Hear me out.
  No, I am not going to tell you to trash your flannel graphs and other visuals, but I am going to ask you to think with me, how much damage we have done to the Word of God by placing photos and videos as object lessons that leave the wrong impressions about God, Jesus and their works among men.
  Probably most of the readers of this article would stand with me on the King James version of the Bible, and would not even purchase materials that quoted other perversions. The purpose of this article is to raise a point about the graphic presentations of Bible subjects. I believe Hollywood and any other graphic source that is twisted has left the wrong impressions upon a world and that people of this world have been misled by those graphics.  The movie and TV screens have been used by the devil himself to replace the truths of God's word with lies and false ideas.

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