Who Do We Worship?

This article is a product of a vivid imagination and should be read only with a knowledge of scripture and a grasp on trends.
  America, which started out as a free country as Amerigo shouted from the mast, "Land Ho! Land Ho!" Columbus being greeted by friendly Indians. Pilgrims pulling up stakes and risking their lives, at a great toll, to come to the land of the free. Patriots, putting their plowshares aside for sabers and muskets in order to capture this free land and keep it free from the King George's of the old world. Our wonderful, unmatched, declaration of Independence and constitution.  Something about those of us who planted our feet finally and futuristically on the shores, in the furrows and in the forests, was that we knew we were home. We knew we had pursued happiness and found it.  We were proud of our homeland! We weren't bent on changing it!!!!
  In order for a country to keep order, it has to have people who are designated and delegated to maintain and keep order. It is called a government; of the people, by the people and for the people.  Not a kingdom, dictatorship or hierarchy. That government was never to be ruled or regulated by a majority, but by God's laws defined by the needs of a nation.
  I remember in 1976 when we celebrated the 200th birthday of the USA. We were still proud of our nation. We welcomed folk that were still streaming over to take part of our freedoms, we were still defending peoples' right to have that freedom. Our government still seemed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. The only problem was that strains of people for several years were marching streets and planting flowers wanting the government to do more for them and let someone else pay. Entitlement programs and bureaucrats were being approved and enacted by our representatives in Washington. Laws were passed and authorities were being given to those bureaucrats. Special interest groups wormed their ways into authority and recognition. In the last 35 years, we have seen never before heard of, offices and officers who are demanding their wants to be lawful regulations and restrictions upon the free people of the USA. An over riding sentiment has arisen and is being funded by our taxes to protect, defend and personalize our environment and anything related. A country in South Amereeca has decared Mother Earth to be a tangible entity. Lawyers can now introduce and enact litigation on behalf of Mother Earth. Cash Sunstein thinks that is great and believes the USA should follow. If you don't know Cash, you should.
  Several years ago, a farmer lost his farm because he eradicated some funny looking mice on his farm. Farmers today have to be careful that they don't plow on dusty days. Farmers today cannot dig a pond without permissions. Hog farmers are being harassed if they allow the wind to carry necessary aromas across their fence lines.  A huge proposed lake on the Colorado River in central Texas was held up and hindered because of a minnow species. We all remember the horned owl story from the North west.  Our electric bills are out of sight supposedly because of a lack of electricity.  Why is this, the naturalists will not allow streams, creeks and rivers to be routed to provide electricity. The naturalists will not allow nuclear electric plants to be built. The naturalists will not allow oil wells to be dug. Animal lover people are keeping some Californians from having a gold fish bowl.
  I'm asking you, where is this thing going?  The tree hugger ilk have wormed their way into the bureaucracy of our government and control governmental agencies from the national parks to the Environmental Protection Agency. What is really strange, is that the creator of all animal life and the environment is slowly but deliberately being shoved out of the picture while the creation is being lifted to the point of being worshipped instead.

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