Packed and Ready to Go

  There is nothing that be compared to the Christian's waiting for the rapture. We are living in a world that is becoming increasingly more unlivable. The Christian influence has been compromised and expunged from much of our present world. Language has been tainted with vulgarities and crudeness. Hollywierd no longer even attempts to produce family entertainment. I get so disgusted every time I hear the ABC announcer say, "American Family." referring to the garbage they produce. The other networks are not any different.
  The political world is strangely, yet wonderfully measuring up to what the Lord said it would in Ezekiel, Daniel, 2 Peter and Revelation. I am actually shocked that more theologians etc., are not making strong suggestions as to who they think the antichrist is.
  2 Thessalonians chapter two tells us that the day would not come, "except there be a falling away first." This with consideration of Revelation three, shows that God knew that Christianity and churches would fail their responsibilities. Those of us who are trying to remain faithful, find ourselves not only battling the ungodly world, but facing the opposition and ridicule of a reprobate, apostate church.
  Along with the pure liberal and worldly influences, we find ourselves facing a resurgence of a failed doctrine from the 40's and 50's. The Baptist Bride proponents and the mid-tribulationists are on the rise. The BB'ers are aggravating the protestant world and giving true Baptists a bad name because of their unsupported claims. One question for them, "What happens to all the faithful martyrs and Christians who existed before the name Baptist was applied. None of the disciples had ever heard of the name Baptist, except for John the Baptist. They won't be included in the bride?
  The mid-tribulationists are a little more serious to deal with. They of course insist that we as Christians must suffer at least a little for our sin and shortcomings. Therefore we will have to undergo half of the 7 year tribulation. The scenario they must have is found no where in scripture. It is obvious they do not know the full grace of God upon sinners. Salvation is completely free and unconnected to anything we can or will do for or against it. Anyone who is born again, is born from above. God does it all by Himself without our help. We simply received His Son. John 1:11=13.
  There are several references from the Lord Jesus Himself, where he told us to prepare for his coming. He even gave illustration of how it would happen, two men in a field… one taken, one left behind. Don't get excited here. I know Matthew 24 just caps the mountain peaks. There is a lot of valley stuff.
We don't want to be caught unprepared. We don't want to be unworthy when He comes and we certainly don't want to go empty handed. What can we take with us in the rapture? Other souls!
  We cannot hibernate. We must not excuse ourselves from the watchmen job (Ezk.3 & 33, Acts 20) We cannot turn our own responsibility over to others. The light still needs to shine.
  By the way, as watchmen, we cannot be silent to the ongoings of the godless world. Ours may be the only voice that is standing up against the depraved world. Be in the world, but not of the world. The Word of God is still a powerful two edged sword. It can still bring sinners to their knees.
  Rather than cry about the problems of living in a divided world, why not just let the Holy Spirit have full control and allow him to accomplish miraculous things in this crazy mixed up world.
  If you are saved, just think there is a good chance you will never enter a grave. If you are not saved…. Why not?

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