Thou Shalt Have No Other God

  This morning my radio played a commercial for a hamburger joint. They were introducing a new hamburger. The commercial had a jingle that pretended that the new burger was the god of all burgers and the jingle was singing praise to the big burger. Now I have known for a long time that this world no longer respects or believes a true and living God, and I have been appalled at the occasional degrading of spiritual matters by the advertising world.
  Making a big burger a god is not only an abomination, it is downright sacrilege. One has to concentrate for a moment to come to a realization that such a thing is done deliberately. It is not for fun. It is not for entertainment. It is a slap in the face of a Holy God and those of us who love Him. Someone in the advertising agency came up with this ad.  His superiors found no problem with it. They sold it to the hamburger business. No one there found it unsavory or unholy. The hamburger business brought it to the radio station and the radio station saw no reason to reject it. I am left to wonder if the listening public will accept it with a smile or giggle. I will know because I will be listening to see if the ad will play again.  I am going to give the public a day or two to respond. I also will call the station and express my opinion about their choice of airings.
  The whole problem emanates from a general drift in our society from respect and reverence of Holy things in general. The avereage person today does not attend church, does not read or study the Bible, spends very little time in prayer if any, has not an inkling of what God has truly planned for this universe and has no concern of living for Jesus. I wonder if I could have substituted the word "Christian" for the word "person" at the beginning of the previous sentence?
  For over 100 years the world has been led into believing that there are many versions of the Word of God. Mr. Darwin was instrumental as the fuse that lit theories of Biblical contradictions. The Blue Laws have for the most part have been eradicated from our society, especially those that pertained to "religion!" In our speech it is not unusual to hear, god, hell, and jesus connected with something being damned.  The vocabulary of many has been reduced to slang and vulgarities. It is no wonder that a radio or tv can utter stuff so unholy that it stinks of brimstone and there is little notice or reaction. Television is clearly and openly stepping into the porn production and the public seems to thrive upon it. There are legal arguments in legal channels that are debating whether or not to lower the age of consent. The perverted pedophiles are following the perverted homosexuals in their quest for public acceptance and the world is going mad regarding the marriage union of two or more.
  I know that there is very little I can do to stem the flood of ungodly behaviours and carnal trends, but, I can continue to stand with the Word of God, the Bible Jesus and New Testament Baptist Churches. Though our strength and influence is dwindling at an alarming rate, we can still speak (as long as we have freedom of speech!) and even if we are not free to speak, we will still speak the unsearchable riches of God's grace and God's coming judgments.
  I must not forget that the Word of God is like a sharp, two edged sword that will cut into the delusions of evil minds, open the hearts of the hard hearted and release the captive souls of satan himself. Each Christian has been charged and commanded to preach the Gospel and be the witness of Jesus Christ.
  Churches must awaken to their carnal drifting away from being what Jesus intended them to be.  They are not entertainment institutions, they are not community centers and they are not food banks.  They are bastions of the "FAITH."


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