Thank You Lord 

Though the Pilgrims and Indians celebrated a time of thanksgiving early on in the settling of America, it was not until 1863 that a special day of Thanksgiving was proclaimed by the President. The third Thursday of November became the day for Americans to offer thanks to God for His bounty and blessing. I know in the ensuing years, God was gradually removed from the official decree and now we have come to a time when the politically correct want to make it illegal to thank a God!!!!
  There are two operators in the subject of thankfulness, Someone to be thankful and someone to be thanked. Now I realize that some people have always thanked their lucky stars and many have thanked heaven, but it is impossible to thank nothing. We are bordering on insanity if we become persuaded to thank nothing on the third Thursday of November.
  If those Pilgrims saw divine providence and named one of their capitols, Providence; if those early settlers connected their safety and progress to the God of their textbook; if the continentals recognized the ordination of God in their quest for freedoms;  if the founding fathers had not relied upon God and His Book as they drew up their paperwork; if the over-riding majority of Americans had not had an underlying belief in a supreme creator, America would not have survived as she has until now.
  Crowding God out of Thanksgiving is like crowding Christ out of Christmas. What's the purpose? School children need to be aware that there is a deliberate move being made to take God out of their awareness. The powers that be are jealous of a supreme power. Gradually, but continually, the system is doing everything it can systematically to rid America of God!
  The Sun doesn't rise and set without the order of God. Rain doesn't fall on the just and the unjust except for the mercy of God. The winds are not un-tethered without the control of God. The oceans are not restricted to their boundaries by anything but God. The tectonic plates are kept in place by an almighty God. All micro-organisms and wild beasts are kept at bay by a merciful God  There is no one else to thank for these things except a wonderful creator and nothing else provides such provisions except a generous, loving God.
  When a people are smart enough to realize that someone keeps this whole thing running smoothly, and people are generally responsible for messing it up by throwing their beer bottles out the car window etc., then they have no problem of bowing their heads in Thanksgiving to their benefactor. However, when people think they are too smart to believe in God, that's when and where trouble starts.  Older folks have lived long enough to see the differences in a society that isn't thankful to God from a society that was thankful to God. The younger generations can't sing about the "troubles they've seen." Unthankful people usually don't receive many gifts. Unthankful people usually have little expectations towards future gifts. Unthankful people usually don't have anyone or anything to turn to for blessing. They just buy lottery tickets.
  Of course we who do believe in a God who supplies our every need, do not need a public decree to tell us to be thankful to God.
We already know from whom all blessings flow. We are only concerned for our country and our neighbors who are forgetting to be thankful to God and for those younger generations who do not even know that there is a God to be thanked.
  Therefore it behooves us  to not only thank God, but to pray for our country and its multitudes who are not thankful.  We can also remind our neighbors that God is still on His throne.
Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Romans 1:21

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