And It Came To Pass

  The title of this article is a phrase that is found in the Bible 452 times. My favorite time is in Luke 2. Luke tells us that the decree of Caesar Augustus was given at a particular time but because of this phrase it was an expected event, probably not by the people of the Roman Empire, nevertheless an expected event.  Normally when this phrase is used it is referring to some bad time or a series of serious events. "It came to pass." indicating that the bad time is done and now it is the good time. At the birth of Christ, there had not been a prophet of God to Israel for 400 years. That's older than the U.S.A. God called it a draught, not of food or water, but of the Word of the Lord. That would be a long time for a people whose nation had been founded by the Word of the Lord, and a people who had almost continually had someone relaying the Word of God. Any how, it came to pass.
  Philippians 2 tells us that Jesus, who thought it not robbery to be equal with God took upon Himself flesh. This is far beyond the wildest imagination of any human being. They have since mocked it and stretched it, but no one could have originated such a plan. The Almighty God swooped into the womb of a virgin girl and was encased in a tiny baby. Think about this for a moment: Jesus was in that tiny inception and grew in that little girl until her days were accomplished to be delivered. Nine months after Jesus took on flesh, Caesar Augustus issued a decree because it had come to pass. Now if you will take your Bible and turn to Hebrews Chapter one and read the first few verses. I shan't be able to quote it in this space, but will have you note that God had used prophets to speak at sundry times and diverse manners for a great period of time…. Around 4000 years from Enoch to John, Baptist. Then it had came to pass in these last days that there was going to be another voice. A voice that had literally created the worlds.
  Jesus who had been able to astound educated men at the age of 12 was and is the Word of God. Anything you need to know about God? See Jesus! Jesus has made the whole thing clear as crystal if you have listened to what He says.
  The passages I have referenced refers to the fact that Jesus came right on time. Some have questioned that timing, some 4 thousand years after Adam & Eve messed up the Garden of God was what the Bible describes as, "the fullness of time." God has essentially allowed man to prove in several dispensational periods that he is incapable and unwilling to let God be God. As mentioned above, for 400 years before Christ the people who were first called the children of God forgot Him. There would be no Hebrew children had it not been for God calling Abraham out of the Ur of the Chaldees. They had spent another 400 years in bondage to the Egyptians, before their cries brought Moses. Yes, Jesus appeared upon this earth at exactly the right moment. The wise men from the east saw their star and knew they had to follow it till it rested above the house where the child Jesus lived.
  If you have the right Bible, you will see in Luke 2:14 that Jesus was presented to all men, (not just to those who pleased him.) Jesus is God's good will toward all men. God gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth on Him receives everlasting life. Faith in Jesus alone saves, no works involved. In fact when and if anyone even tries to mix in good works or religion they nullify Jesus and make Him of none effect.
  Well! It came to pass that God took upon himself flesh and dwelt among us. His own rejected Him, but you and I have the privilege of receiving the grace and mercy of a Holy, Righteous and Eternal God who truly does love this world of human beings.

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