It Is Not The Easy Way OUT!

  In the last couple of weeks I have been made aware of people taking their own lives. I probably would not have known that had it not been for individuals who did know, for there was no public announcement.  Suicide is one of those hush-hush subjects that for the most part shoved under the conversational rug. It needs to be addressed because it usually catches the victim in a weak moment and it catches the by-standers by absolute shock. This article is appearing here because there is some spiritual significance to suicide.  While some believe it to be the unpardonable sin, which it is not, suicide can be dealt with in scripture.  The first point that could be made is that almost in the middle of the Ten Commandments is the Commandment, "Thou shalt not kill." No one could argue that this commandment would not include, "Thou shalt not kill thyself." There is no dire consequence mentioned in the Old Testament or New Testament regarding suicide and there are openly only two instances of suicide in the whole Bible, but the whole thing runs into a definite encroachment of God's plan for a life. To take matters into your own hand about your existence would be a direct affront to a creator God. For a person to deliberately end their existence on this earth, would undoubtedly result in an eternal consequence either in Hell or possibly Heaven. Taking seriously the eternal state of all human beings, this means that if you take your life on this earth, then you will spend eternity regretting a stupid decision. You would be taking a big chance with odds against you to think that, "it will be all over in a second."
  Some oriental people really have a hard time saving face. I think that hari-kari is a fairly common method of self-dispatchment. (I really love giving my Word dictionary a hard time.) Terrific loss, hopelessness and disease are the occidentals roads to want to end it all. We do sometimes allow ourselves to be controlled by our environment or peers and that always will end in despair. Total ignorance of God's will and power allows us to travel mentally into possibility mazes. Sadly possibilities are like strings. A person can be locked into a possibility string that allows no pleasant possibilities.
  Once we have thought approval of self destruction, and figured out a scheme of carrying it out then we are on a dangerous path.
It is amazing to be around a person, who has attempted suicide and failed, waking up to deliverance. Not everyone does this, for some it will be just a matter of time when they will try again, but there are some who will become a new person. It is almost like they tasted of death and chose life.
  Most people who start down the dark trail towards suicide lose sight of everyone but themselves. They were rejected by someone else. Someone else did them dirty. Nobody cares about them. In other words it is a serious pity party. Each person was put on this world for God's purpose. Its not about you, its about God. Anyone who takes control of their life away from God is truly asking for trouble. The Bible says that we should not worry about someone who could kill our body, we should really worry about God who can kill both soul and body!  If you cannot see what tomorrow holds, you need to get acquainted with the one who holds tomorrow.
  In spite of some very clear and very real details about life after death in the Bible, there are still mysteries about it that should curtail a thinking person from taking charge of eternal matters.
The Constitution of the United States doesn't guarantee us happiness, but the freedom to pursue happiness.  The Bible doesn't promise a life without pain, poverty, sickness or death. Both these documents do allow for the fact that life does have promise and gives us positive directions in capture of good things.

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