We Are Experiencing Difficulties,

Please Stand By!

  Television stations can be so aggravating. First problem is the inopportune commercials, just when an exciting scene is about to transpire, we have to be told of some product that we really don't need or want. Of course we know that without commercials, there will be no TV. We also don't want government TV.

  Secondly, is the constant, interruption by the Homeland Security operations. It seems daily, and again at a most inopportune moment, the program will be interrupted by that ridiculous sound and a banner streaming across the screen telling us that if there was a major disaster,  we would be told what to do. I am not sure if they expect Moscow to send nuclear rockets, or if Islam extremists have showed up somewhere, or if a tornado is bearing down on us. I guess this is a good thing, especially if one of those disasters occurs.

  Thirdly, is when a glitch occurs at the station or network. The screen suddenly goes blank, for a second or two you think the TV is on the blink, then the above title shows up on the screen and you get up and do the commercial break thing and hope they will have solved the problem by the time you get back.

  What I have done above is to set up a scenario of frustration. I know many of my readers do not own a TV, or they do not have a dependence upon TV for exclusive entertainment, but most of us relate to the situation.

  What I want us to do is relate this to our current situation spiritually in this world. In spite of how well you may know your own Bible or how involved you may be in the Lord's work, we are presently experiencing difficulties.  Our world of human beings is being dulled by several causes, Satan being the root of most of it, combined with the blinded eyes of sinful creatures.

  We have a Bible that has stood the tests of time, testing, trouble and tribulation. The first difficulty, is the multiplication of Bible versions. We have convinced the world that God has not given us a sure word. 2 Peter 2:19 Bible publishers have discovered that their profits can increase if they publish a Bible that can appeal to current readers. If all Bibles said the same thing, then I would have no argument, but all Bibles do not say the same thing, there are significant differences.

  The second difficulty is the behavior of Christians. There is no question that the Bible instructs we Christians to live separate and above the elements of this world. We are to put off the old man and are to put on the new man. Colossians 2:9;3:10.  Because the churches have been infiltrated by tares and professors, there are no messages of consecration and separation being preached or encouraged. Come ye out from among them, be not unequally yoked. 2 Corinthians 6. It is getting more difficult to tell the difference in believers and non believers. The attractions of the world attract the flesh. The lost world is bound to it and believers can be tempted by it.

  The last difficulty that I will bring here is connected to the other two. Bible confusion and worldliness, has caused Christians to turn from Biblical persuasion and knowledge. Because we do not know our Bibles and are reluctant to preach it the world is not hearing the Word of God. Romans 10 proves that without the Word of God being preached, there will not be the salvation of lost souls. Unbelief will prevail and the false doctrines will fill the gap.

  We Christians must decide and prove that we still have the very word of God. We must separate from worldliness, become holy in our lifestyle. We must be diligent in preaching the very Word of God, proving that the difficulties are only temporary & Christ is soon coming.


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