Un-subscribed From God

With the growing popularity of electronic communications in our world, I felt the subject I have chosen will be understood by many readers. Facebook is the most popular form of connection in the electronic world. Its plan is for people to befriend each other and thereby establish a link of contact. Each 'friend' has his own page upon which he or she can write short statements of a variety of subjects. He or she can write on a friends page (wall) with any of a variety of statements. Personal things can be expressed or political, religious or cultural statements can be found as a status or comment on these walls. Any two people can agree to be friends and thus share ideas, feelings or news. If for any reason that 'friendship' ends, then with a couple of clicks on the computer the operator can 'un-friend' a person that they no longer wish to communicate with.  In a more serious or heated break, one can actually block another person. This means that neither side can see what the other side is saying or doing.
  There is one more choice. If you do not want a particular persons comments to appear on your page, then you can un-subscribe to everything the other person publishes without the person realizing it. Now I can introduce the deduction I have.
  Any believing Christian knows that the only substantial communication we have from God is His Holy Word.  We read, study and hear preached that Word and the Holy Spirit uses it to communicate His will for us.  It seems obvious that many of us Christians would never think of blocking God's communication because that would mean open rebellion and loss. Only a fool would block God. Sadly, there is some who un-friend with God, not that they want to be disconnected from His potential blessing or supply if ever needed, but they just don't feel the need of a continual conversation with Him.
  The saddest case is when a person un-subscribes from God. It happens, when a believer doesn't want to break publicly so that everyone else knows it. He or she can still pretend they are a friend of God, but are no longer interested in what God is saying or communicating. There is no other description of this behaviour, it is a deliberate attempt to run from the will of God. It is a blunt denial of God's influence in one's life. It is an attempt to disassociate one's self from a personal relationship with the Lord. It is a personal decision to choose one's own way. This is a decision that causes doubts as to whether or not one truly knows the Lord.
  The thing about un-friending God is that He knows it; He knew it when you were thinking about it.  In fact He always was aware of this decision, and that fact rises far above our scene. Now we must think of consequences. First, we must confess it as heinous sin and we will not simplify that truth. However for the moment we will surmise the consequences of un-friending God. To cut off communication from God is to cut off a sense of direction. Without God's leading one is certainly headed for the proverbial brick wall. Romans 8 says, "as many as are lead by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God." The sad thing here is that some Christians think that the Spirit of God leads without the Bible; He doesn't. If you do not know what the Bible says, then you are on your own and should not blame the Spirit. If you as a child of God, un-friend God, He will not un-friend you but He will allow you to fall into your own troubles and mistakes. You will become a target of Satan himself and you will not have the over covering of God's protection. Your world will recognize that you are not right with God, the lost of which will despise you for your hypocrisy and the saved friends will avoid fellowship with someone who has deliberately un-friended God.
  Best thing is to get on your knees & be God's friend. He is!!!


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