When God Walked Among Us

  Isn't it strange that of all the professing followers of Jesus there are so many varieties. It does take a deliberate study and a pretty good collection of Bible verses and passages, but it is possible to put together a detailed description of Jesus Christ. Of course this excludes any photographic images, for none of those truly exist. I do not have room in this article to reference all the references, and would admit that I am unqualified to write a book on the life and person of Jesus Christ. Others have done that effectively. James Stalkers, "Life of Christ" was one of my text books in Bible College. The purpose of this article is to help me realign my own life first. Its not a major course correction, but it is necessary occasionally for any follower of Jesus.
  In describing Jesus, one must read and retain each of the four Gospels concentrating on their descriptions of the character and behaviors of Jesus. Taking each of his sayings and parables. Taking his conversations and his responses to questions and even the accusations against him. "I find no fault in him" was just one phrase that could be used. Remember Luke 2 after his mother and Joseph had found him in the temple? That story ended with the phrase that, "He increased in wisdom and stature, and favor with God and man."
  As a pastor, I have often been advised as to how I should conduct myself in the ministry. I have pastored military and law enforcement who felt (sometimes strongly) that I should be more commanding and in charge. I've been intimidated by George Patton and General William Tecumseh Sherman and his march through Georgia. Jesus was not a sergeant, Lieutenant or even a warrant officer. I once knew a warrant officer who carried the Spirit of Christ. I accompanied him one night when he had to deliver the news of the death of a serviceman, to an unsuspecting family. Even though Jesus is King of Kings, he did not conduct himself as a president, governor, mayor or even a self grandiose councilman. Jesus was self assured and thought nothing of picking up a child and using that child effectively as a model for what we should be. Jesus taught his disciples not how to command multitudes but how to minister to them. He did not shape them into leaders of men, there is little evidence of any one of them leaving huge followings. Paul was the most astute Apostle in exercising any form of authority in churches.
  Next in your study of the life and character of Jesus, I call upon the Old Testament prophets to add their tidbits, elegies, eulogies and profiles about our saviour. God used ancient writers to pre-tell us what Jesus would be like. Not only how he would carry himself, but also what his chosen life's mission would be. Even a vivid description of the horrible death of Psalms 22. Isaiah gave us a marvelous and highly effective passage about Jesus in his chapter 53. It is so real that the Jewish world still shuns it superstitiously.
  Did you ever contemplate that even though Jesus knew what Judas would ultimately do, Jesus walked alongside of Judas for those three and one half years with no indication or hint for the others to pick up on. They had even elected Judas to carry their money not picking up his greedy heart. Jesus was human as much as he was God or he could not have paid for our sin. Look at him in his relationship with all 12 of those who left all to follow him. He was their mentor and not just a teacher. He loved them before they loved him. He was patient with them. They had to be equally included in His prayer from the cross, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Of course, you and I were also included in that prayer. If you can't see that, then I suggest that you read John 17...the real Lord's prayer. The best thing for a born again Christian to do is to make their primary motivation the quest to be like the Jesus of the Bible.

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