Where He Leads Me I Will Follow

   One of the aspects of a Christian is the personal leadership of the Holy Spirit. Any person who is born again has actually been regenerated into eternal life which includes the entering of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit of God establishes a rapport with the believer and with internal compunction begins leading the believer. This leadership work is done in accord with the Word of God. As the believer reads the Bible, hears the Bible preached or is taught in the Word of God he has an understanding of God's will for his life, in addition to the assurance of his relationship to the Lord. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Romans 8:14.
  The quandary that this aspect presents is the claim by individuals, that the actions they take and the beliefs they hold are given to them by the divine leadership of God. "God told me to do this!" has been used by many unscrupulous preachers to Sam Berkowitz. (Son of Sam). A simple minded or superstitious society will often be swayed or persuaded by this claim of God's leadership.  It is not wise at all to follow or co-operate with any one who arbitrarily claims to be led by "God's spirit."
  Someone who claims to be led of the spirit should be subject to the same tests that the Old Testament prophets had to pass. Any one who is truly led by the Spirit of God will confess an allegiance to the authority of the Word of God. Jesus told us in John 14-16 how the Spirit of God would do His work in and through us who have placed our complete trust in Him.  The more of the Word of God that we know, the more we understand his leadership.
  I am responsible to interject a real fact about now. The Holy Spirit is not given for our profit or good luck. Anyone who feels that the Holy Spirit will give the correct series of a lottery number will be sadly and dangerously mistaken. The Holy Spirit is not a token of good luck. He is to be our leader, not our means of success or acquirement.
  The believer who has trusted Jesus Christ and been indwelt by the Spirit of God has a deep understanding of many things including the destiny of God's creation.  There is a wisdom that is a benefit of our relationship with Jesus Christ. We recognize that we are dependent upon him for our daily provision and leadership through the path of life.
  Now, lets look for a moment at the total picture. Beginning with the creation of Adam in Genesis. That story tells us that God created Adam from the dust of the ground, then breathed life into that 'doll.' God told Adam that the day that he would eat of the one tree, he would lose that life.  Scripture in Romans tells us that Adam and Eve both 'died' the moment they partook of the forbidden fruit. We know that this death was the Spirit of God abandoning them. The Bible declares in Romans and Ephesians that because Adam & Eve sinned, all human beings are also dead in trespass and sin.
  When Jesus introduced Nicodemus to the phrase, "born again," He was clarifying the necessity of anyone's entering the Kingdom of Heaven only with the eternal life of God, through Jesus Christ. When we repent and receive Jesus as personal savour, we are given the life that Adam and Eve lost. The Spirit of God enters into our being and takes possession of His purchase and He in turn will enable us to glorify God.
  The Spirit of God has a definite or 'perfect' will. When we yield to him He uses us to glorify the Lord. The world sees us as equal to them, yet our witness and preaching is to convince them of the grace of God in the forgiveness of our sin through Jesus Christ and His death on the cross. When we are truly yielded to the Spirit of Christ, we will go where he wants us to go, do what he wants us to do and say what he wants us to say.

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