Marching around the May Pole

  Being from an innocent childhood and remembering the annual May pole allusions and illusions, it is hard for me to adapt to the current happenings at this time of year. I am writing this article on Tuesday, May 1st; early morning.  For several days now the news has been filled with dire warnings that many organized protests are to be conducted on this day. Some of those protests will be open to physical actions. One in Seattle is expecting guns to be brought. We are talking about American streets!
  What is the announced occasion for these demonstrations? It is the unfairness of our society which allows some people to be rich while many people are poor.  It is the age old disparity between the "Haves" and the "Have Nots."  We even have a presidential candidate who has won and wanting to win by using the slogans of, "making the rich share with the poor."
  When an organized nation is truly free, it gives its citizens the freedom to make their fortunes any way they can short of harming another citizen. Each citizen is responsible for his share of the responsibility of maintaining those freedoms. Those who succeed in their quest of fortune will in turn provide sources of income to those who are still seeking fortune. Many of those who have acquired fortune will voluntarily offer assistance and aid to those who are less fortunate. Problems begin to develop when the less fortunate begin to demand that the more fortunate share with the less fortunate.  We really mess things up when the majority, who generally is made up of less fortunate, pass laws requiring the more fortunate share and support the less fortunate. The above statement was so written to illustrate the confusion that is a result of our convoluted reasoning.
  What is your reaction when you feel someone is trying to steal your valuables? You do your best to hide your valuables; you strengthen your windows and doors; you call your insurance agent; you may even rent a security box at your bank. Rich people and companies will react no differently, and though the majority will keep maneuvering to get their hands on that wealth, the rich will keep maneuvering to protect their wealth. Remember this! If the wealthy are having to hide their wealth, then they obviously cannot use it to build better or more productive business and consequently cannot hire workers to work their business.  Now think about this! Many of the rich have gotten their riches by investing in the stock market.  They buy shares when the shares are cheap and they sell those shares when they are expensive. What is the stock market. It is a collection of  available shares in businesses that have gone public. In other words someone has an idea to make money, but it takes money to make money, and so the guy lets other people invest in his idea and together they build a business. Wall street is mostly made up of people who have shared in someone else's idea. I know that is simplistic and I certainly know that there are crafty crooks in the stock market, but I also know that this is one facet of a free America that has made us a great nation. People who can develop their idea with the help of other people and those profits are shared. Sin raises its ugly head when greed and the "love of filthy lucre" sets in. We will never get free from the plague of sin in our world. The only hope of deliverance is through God's plan of redemption through Jesus Christ.  You cannot have or experience the Love of God without receiving personally the Lord Jesus Christ.
  Our nation is in deep trouble. From its founding, we have built ourselves only by the Grace and help of God All-Mighty. However in the ensuing generations we have drifted away from the original faith. Passed through an age of agnosticism and are now entering a phase of rejection of and open rebellion against God and His Christ.

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