Conversion or Coercion

  When Jesus appeared upon the earth, he came to seek and to save that which was lost. He came first to the Jewish world as God had promised from Abraham. The Jewish world rejected and crucified him, so the promise went out, "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God."
Those first twelve men were called with an invitation, "Come, follow me." He in turn sent them out to preach to the uttermost part of the world, the good news of the grace and kingdom of God. As the New Testament recounts, the carriers of the Gospel set out to reach the world for Christ, winning lost souls to Jesus and establishing them into local New Testament Baptist Churches. For the most part, most of them came from people who had heard that Gospel and believed. They were converted from multifarious life paths to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Freely turning from their old ways to follow Jesus not unlike the first disciples. As the book of Romans states, following Jesus, leads us from faith to faith. Timothy tells us that Paul says, "I know whom I have believed and am persuaded…."
  When we go forth with the Gospel, we present it as a offering from God to sinful men. It is a choice that every individual must make in order to be saved from Hell, forgiven of sins and have an eternal home in Heaven. This Gospel can never be forced upon anyone. There was a time when Constantine tried to use force and the Roman Catholics have been known to use force upon a contingent of people, but the pure Gospel is not given with any sort of force or coercion.  Parents sometime make the mistake of forcing their children to be "christian" but it does not work that way, and usually the forced christian will ultimately turn away in defiance. Children must be taught that they are sinners and are unable to be christian without the New Birth. A child who suddenly realizes that they are guilty before God and needing to be saved is a much better candidate for the conversion that God gives through Jesus Christ. A child can learn every step of a catechism yet not have Christ enter his heart. He possibly will become a twofold child of Hell.
  Another outcome of coerced religion is any religion that gains power over the masses will ultimately exert supreme authority over the masses and demand their allegiances. The greatest example of that today is the religion of Mohammed. I believe this religion is the greatest threat to the free world. They even admit that they are against individual freedom.   Their book, the Koran, is a paradox. In its first pages you will find the musings of a peaceful individual who had visions of domination. As he made headway in his conquerings his writings became more aggressive and more instructive for the domination of his conquered world. The latter writings replaces the earlier writings. The book itself admits that. The atrocities of that religion become almost unbelievable. There is no comparison of the Koran with the Bible. The Jews were commanded to rid their land of the "Ites" but no where were they commanded to destroy people of the world who would not convert to their religion. Christians are admonished to love the world and do every thing possible to convert it, not coerce it.
  Today, in many parts of the uneducated world, Islam is pushing itself in and taking control by violence and terror. People who do not yield to them are eradicated. This is happening in May of 2012. It has been happening since around the eighth century.     Even here in the USA, inroads are being made by the Ikhwan, or better known as the Mus lim Brother hood. They have literally invaded every level of our government and are doing what they can to persuade America to accept their system of laws called the Sharia. MO State Representative, Paul Curtman is right now doing everything he can to stop its process in Missouri.

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