Where Does Revival Come From?

  I recently met a new friend. He and I were talking about the fact that many Churches are declining and that friction is becoming a malady in many Churches. It is amazing what little things can do to destroy an active church. It is amazing what little things it takes for some people to quit church.  Our conclusion is that we need revival. Revival has always been the remedy for sick, ailing or troubled Churches. We forget and we get distracted by other things, but most of the time, the only answer is revival. So it is wise to think and pray "revival."
  Where does revival come from? Simply, it comes from God. Anything else is man made. Anything else will ultimately fail. Anything else will not measure up to revival from God. The verse of scripture that rises first is 2 Chronicles 7:14: "
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." The only people who can be revived are those who have been active, but have become inactive. In other words revival is for believers who have back slid.  The above verse is addressed to "my people" who are called by his name. The only people who are called by God's name are Christians (followers of Jesus Christ.) God in the flesh.
  Most people who are humbled, are usually humbled by some external affection or effect. It takes a deliberate, conscious act for someone to humble themselves. To pray is to petition God for his help, deliverance, forgiveness or his power.
  "Seek my face." Did you ever have a parent or teacher say to you, "Look at me!" or "Look at my face." You knew that they wanted your undivided attention. God is saying essentially the same in this phrase. We must come to God expecting his full attention when we are seeking his presence.
  Turn from our wicked ways. What terms would describe wicked ways? May we realize that you can be wicked by simply ignoring God! Wickedness cannot originate in our estimation, but in the righteous mind of God. It is not enough to admit that we are wicked, but an equal part of repentance is the turning away from wickedness. This means, "Stop doing it!!!!"
  When God's people realize that they do not have God's presence and abiding peace, that is when they need revival. When they know that they need revival, all they have to do is petition the throne of God for revival. One key is this. Revival doesn't come when we think that other people need revival. Revival will come when we know that we need revival.
  Revival can only come among God's people and it is God's people who will first experience God's revival.
  You have memories of the exhilaration you had when you were born again? Revival is the next best thing. God's presence and power cannot be duplicated, and there is no substitute!
  Since true revival comes from God, it causes believers to focus upon the Lord and his will. We will turn our attentions from our uncomfortable world towards the blessings of God. It reminds us of the marvelous and all inclusiveness of God's grace and forgiveness for our own sins.
  Revival in our hearts & souls will instigate our quest to reach others for Christ. When we are living proof of what God has done in our life, then the lost one will more likely be persuaded of God's ability to save lost sinners.
  Revival re-establishes our relationship with God. Christians cannot be comfortable without the presence and power of God in their life.  The Holy Spirit, our comforter, can only work in and through us when we are in the right relationship with the Lord. Revival is the only path back from a wayward path.

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