What Are My Responsibilities?

  There is no doubt that our world is continuing on a downward spiral. There are no credible amillinialists walking the streets in the current world. They used to believe that the world was getting better and at a certain moment, Jesus would step in as king of a perfect world. Ain't gonna happen!! Jesus is coming, but he is coming on a White Horse and will have a sword in his mouth. He is coming with ten thousands of his saints and he is coming to rule with a rod of iron. In order to get this information, one has to realize that the book of Revelation is as much the Word of God as any other book in our KJV Bible.  Connecting with other prophetical books of the Bible, Revelation is actually a revelation of Jesus Christ and His Ultimatum.
  Now, since I know what is and I know what will be, What are my responsibilities?  I certainly do not want to fall into chorus with the rest of the world, because I know Christ. I am not allowed to cower in a cave. I cannot allow myself to become puffed up with my knowledge and have disdain of those who do not know what I know. I will not be effective if I strap a couple of placards on my body that have the words scribbled, "The End of the World is Near!!!" If I go door to door warning occupants of the impending, then I will convert some hopefully.  My own responsibility needs to be defined.  The Lord tells us that we are responsible for what we know. The Apostle Paul shows us our debt for both Jews and Gentiles. The love of God (the same love that God has) is shed abroad in the heart of any true believer at the moment of regeneration. Good news is not news if it is not proclaimed.
  My responsibility is to learn everything I can about the future, take that knowledge, figure out how to present it to listening ears, enquiring minds and watchful eyes. I need to look like I know what I am talking about, I have to live what I say I believe and I must prove to those around me that I genuinely care for their soul. Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, the blind and the halt. He even raised the dead. But all of those miracles fell in line behind his doctrine. What he said and taught, were both what brought his followers and his detractors. My responsibility is to do what I am supposed to do, whether or not anyone else does or does not do what they are supposed to do. I must be very careful to avoid the age old trap of compromise or hiding the truth is disguise in order to fool my audience into believing what I say. This kind of behaviour adds to the confusion and clouds the real issues of a depraved race.
  I must know what is right and have verified it into not only my mind, but also into my heart from the Word of God. This way I will not be swayed by those scoffers who offer strong and popular theories that conflict and contradict with my convictions.  I will be a strength to those who are watching me and even those who are trying to expose my faults. By God's power and the faith of Jesus Christ I will hold the truths of God's Word until my dying breath.
  Actually, this last point should not even have to be mentioned.  It shouldn't have any bearing upon the issue of my responsibilities. This point concerns crowns. A click of a computer button or an intensive study of the Bible will reveal quite a bit about the crowns that are promised to particular persons who in God's estimation will be found worthy to receive crowns. There is no doubt that there are crowns that will be awarded at some point in Heaven. Not one of those crowns to be awarded, will be awarded because someone strived for it. To the contrary, it is evident that those crowns to be awarded will be awarded to the individuals who lived their lives according to God's purpose and were faithful in their responsibilities.  The amazing thing is that those won crowns will be placed at the feet of Jesus.

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