Religion and Politics

  We are rushing towards what, possibly, is the most important election that America has ever conducted. Our nation has just witnessed the actions of a narcissistic, egotistical, socialistic action of a presiding man in the oval office of the White House. Regardless of party, regardless of constitution, regardless of protocol we have been horns waggled.  America is drowning in debt to the strongest potential enemy we could have in this world,  the economy has flat lined.  The number of people out of work is staggering, and all the present white house occupant wants to do is to add more people to the government dole. These problems could be placed in a political vane and argued that they don't involve religion. Perhaps. Unless you realize that religion, or more likely, the lack of religion has impacted every aspect of American life. I know this is not all the president's fault!
  At this point I am compelled to state, that I am not arguing for religion in politics. Religion can be worse than politics. I am standing up for my rights as a Christian to defend the Christian faith. My faith has been attacked by the current regime in Washington and I am pretty sure that I have very few politicians in Washington that hold the faith that I do, but I have the right as an American to believe what I do regarding spiritual things. America was founded with a primary freedom of religion. Since this Constitutional freedom is being threatened from several governmental fronts, I have no choice but to stand up against the threats. The issue of separation of State from Church is very necessary, but the issue of separation of Church from State is bogus. Christians  cannot be precluded from involvement in and about political decision.  If Christians abstain from being involved in political matters, then the non christian world will be in control of political power. While on this thought, the founding fathers never intended for the government to be a domineering power over the people of the USA! In spite of politicians hiding behind false promises, the abortion rate remains astounding. Real Christians cannot stand by silently while innocent babies are being butchered. The homosexual lobbies are exerting their mysterious power influencing every aspect of American life. Even the pentagon has been ordered to celebrate gay pride month last week. Real Christians cannot go along with same sex marriage or other legal protections of gays that rise above the freedoms of all Americans.  Already the governmental provided health care is cutting costs. They are designing guide lines where health care will be curtailed. Elderly patients will be denied life saving care. Real Christians cannot allow any kind of governmental euthanasia. These listed areas are among many others that require Christians to become active in doing what they can to reverse happenings that are counter active to the moral and spiritual fiber of our nation.
  We as Christians must actively search the records and qualifications of those politicians that we can support.  We need to know how to contact our Representatives and Congressmen. We must not allow the feeling to overwhelm that there is nothing we can do about the decline of politics.  As Christians we ought to enter in the political races.  Most of Americas greatest politicians were ordinary people from ordinary walks of life. Politicians many times become useless when they become professional politicians.Regardless of what the current president believes, America is still strongly influenced by its Christian influences. A vast majority of citizens do not want the government to overwhelm our lives. Most Americans are appalled at the degrading character of our society.  We as Christians will be more inclined to use our energy to bring America back in line with the original intentions of our founders. This is not a regressive thing, it is a preserving quality of that which has successfully worked for 400 years.

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