The Influence of the Olympics

  For the past couple of days, thousands of people have gathered in London, England for the Olympiad. Greece is the  origination of the plan. The Apostle Paul may have felt its influence. But, the actual Olympics by name, in its current form, didn't come into being until 1896. I do not intend to use this article to give that history. I have another thought.

  As a Christian, I am moved as I see young people from all over the world marching together into that coliseum. They look so eager as they prepare to compete to excel. Then as I watch them compete, I am impressed by the camaraderie of the participants.
I too get caught up in the competition and quickly pick who I want to win; mostly USA. I do enjoy the games.

  But, the disconcerting thing about the Olympics is its premise of bringing the world together in ultimate peace and that is an underlying premise of the modern day Olympics is. In the first place it is not working. Several of the teams that walked in the other day come from countries that are at war with each other as the games proceed. The games last a few days every two years (Summer and Winter) but the wars are destructive all the other days. Some times the games have been used as propaganda by dictators. Hitler's use of the Olympics in the 40's is reprehensible. In 1972 the Moslems used the Olympics as an occasion to slaughter some Israel athletes. No I do not blame the Olympic committee for the atrocities, but I am stating that there will be no peace for the wicked without the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

  Very apparent is the exclusion of religion from the Olympics except for its own purposes. You may remember a few years ago when the games were held in Korea. They, or at least the networks, drew attention to the religion of Buddhism and made it very inviting to the young unsuspecting people of the USA. In the end it only added to the opinion that religion is only a local phenomenon and has no relevance to real life. The Olympics continues with its gospel of a one world utopia surreptitiously.

  We who are in Christ have no doubt of the direction our world is headed. The destruction is sure and explicitly defined in the book of Revelation. That book also defines the destination of those of us who have put our faith in Jesus Christ.

  I know it could be a mistake to approach this subject at this particular time, but it could be the best time. First, I am not trying to stop the Olympics because I am realistic. All I want to do is draw attention to the Word of God and remind us not to be caught up with that underlying philosophy of building a perfect world without Jesus Christ.

  From the tower of Babel, the world has always tried to organize itself usually against the true and living God. If you follow the word "nations" through the scriptures, you will find the mind set starts there.  Every time there has been a gathering of the multitudes it has usually ended in disaster or an attempted power grab. The present United Nations is a perfect example of an almost perfect gathering of nations. You and I know that this very week, the U.N. was scheduled to take a vote hoping to gain control of our gun privileges and freedoms. We as Christians have warned our world of the evils of the United Nations since it was known as the League of Nations in the 40's.

  I really do not need to throw a bunch of scripture verses at you to convince you that I speak truth.  All I need to do is mention one name: Anti-Christ. Revelation 13-18 will tell you of the culmination of the Olympic, U.N., One World future. Anything that denies the Lordship of Jesus Christ in any future ingathering of humanity will fall into the path of the coming evil one.

  We must preach this warning to an unsuspecting world.

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