Expecting Those Blessings

  One of the first terms that I heard in Christian communications was the term "Blessing." I dare say that in any lengthy conversation among Christians that the term "Blessing or Blessings would come up. The word blessing is found 64 times in the Bible and the word blessings only 9 times in the Bible with only one time in the New Testament. Now the next surprise may be that the words in the N.T. come from the Greek 'eulogea' which is kin to what we refer to as eulogy. Have you ever heard a eulogy before? 99 times out of 100 it would be praise for the dear departed.

  So why are we so desirous of blessings and so excited at the expectation of receiving them? First of all, we are generally looking for blessings from God or that which God can give. Now, I must return us to the meaning of the term, "eulogy." In order to be true to the interpretation of the term, we must interpret it according to its biblical meaning.

  The obvious outworking of this indicates that it is much more valuable than we could even think. Start with a simple deduction, to be blessed is to have nice things said about you. Is this something you would receive, earn or just hope for?  Since most of the blessings of the Bible come from God, it has to be more that just getting praise from God and man, even though it will be great to have God say nice things about you. Stop here and think how important Esau thought Isaac's blessing would be, or more accurately, how important did Jacob think that blessing would be. Retrace the story.

  Stay with me please. Now if God blesses you with blessings, then think of the potential of God working in your life to bring eulogies upon you. The Lord working in your life and taking you down a path so that you will have a continuous stream of praise, not just after your death. Lets keep thinking and I didn't say, 'dreaming.'  If God puts you on that kind of path, you can be assured that the praise of God and people will not be false or undeserved praise. Your life will have good things happen.  Your life would enjoy positive experiences that again would draw appraisal from peers. 

  We are talking about blessings. I had to stop and make sure I was not going overboard and I am not. No matter what you think the word may mean, there is no further official definition. I have chosen to expand on the tie to eulogy.

  As a preacher I have read hundreds of eulogies as I participated in the various funerals I have conducted or assisted. I do not recall one eulogy that was negative or despairing of the departed.
Normally the eulogy will give the familial relationships of the deceased, telling of parents, spouse, children and siblings. The eulogy will continue speaking of the career or occupation. It will describe the Church membership and such activities. There will be mention of the community involvements. This is the details of an average eulogy. Now reconsider this, the word blessing in practically all Bible mentions, refers to blessings as coming from God. Does not this indicate that God can and will give us things that will lead to blessings. (good things to speak about).  When people say good things about us and are impressed with our behaviour, actions and conversation and we know that God should receive the glory for it, then we know God is blessing us.

  O.K.! I have now retraced all 64 mentions of blessing and blessings in the Bible, and without substantial objection found that I am not far off course on the deductions of this article. One thing for sure I covet the blessing of God, because I know that it will not only be He that speaks well of me, but also my peers, friends, and acquaintances will have good memories and thoughts of my life's experiences.  When God arranges those things who can be against me?

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