Troublesome Times

  Almost every passage of scripture that deals with the end times mentions that the end times will be a time of trouble. Natural disasters, calamity and ominous happenings. Within the ranks of Christians there will be a falling away…(this cannot refer to the rapture.) Churches will be infiltrated, weakened and attacked. It will be a gradual decline leading up to the final Time of Jacob's Trouble. Both Old Testament prophets and New Testament Epistles, as well as Jesus in Matthew 24 give the same story.

  Bible believers will not be surprised, Bible believers will not be discouraged by these facts but instead will have their hopes raised for the realization of their faith.

  The world is currently caught up it its dire predictions of global warming. Of course this will be soon replaced by dire warnings of a returning ice age. That cycle has continued for at least 100 years. You and I know that when God uses weather to enact his judgments, there are no warnings or forecasts except prophets preaching warnings.

  We have a constant flow of new diseases that baffle the health organizations and some are unbelievably horrendous. Aids, flesh eating and brain destroying disease that attack at will.

  As strong as America is, we can still have 19 men wreak havoc upon our security that still affects our security over 10 years later. Those men represent a much greater threat of millions that hate us so much that they call us "The Great Satan." Meanwhile we have another nation that has practically drained our economic stability. Our great-great-grandchildren are indebted to that nation of China. I can remember that anything made in China was considered junk. Keepers of such records tell us that there are more active wars going on in the world today than there has ever been.

  The stability of family cohesion is jeopardized by the rising trends of the sexually perverted world. The militant gays are shoving their way and will into every facet of our society. Ask yourself, "Is there any other segment of our society that has had laws passed that hinders our freedom of speech?"

  Perhaps the greatest threat to our society is where we broke the very first of the commandments.  God told us not to make graven images. You do realize that the Hebrew and the Greek for that phrase means photographs in English. Think what Hollywood has put on the screens of our minds through the years. Very subtly through the years, they have exposed more and more of the flesh and our fashions have followed suit.  At the same time the media has been successful in taking away our morals and standards.

  Obviously there has to be an underlying cause of all these dire problems in our world. Believe it or not, the Bible gives us the cause. It is found in Romans Chapter one. Paul describes in sufficient detail what God has done to enable man to associate with him. But then he tells us that when we know God but do not glorify Him as God, then the bad things begin to happen inconveniently. I remember as a kid someone in my past referred to someone else as an old reprobate. I didn't understand the word then, but the sound of it meant something bad. Romans one tells us that when we do not glorify God as God, then He turns us over to a reprobate mind resulting in men sleeping with men and women sleeping with women.  This was an abomination in the book of Leviticus. (God's civil laws.) Question! Could it be that when God turns us over, he just turns loose of us and no longer pays any attention to us? Is a reprobate mind anywhere an apostate mind? Have we been set on course for those final judgment days that God so clearly defines throughout the Old Testament and the New? I am so glad that I have been bought with a price. I belong to Jesus, and He said He would never leave me.

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