Time Of The End

   The title of this article is a phrase found 5 times in the book of Daniel. The first occurrence is found in Daniel 8:17  "So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision." This one verse tells us that Daniel was being shown things that were set for and through the end time.

  The first thing to do is ascertain when this was written. Daniel was among the first of the captives that were hauled to Babylon from Judah around 606 b. c. being 600 years before Christ was born. God used Daniel and his surroundings with peers to give us a fathomable understanding of the future from his day until now and a picture of the coming future. Daniel spent most of the 70 years that Judah was in Babylon and was present in the transition from Nebuchadnezzar's  reign to the Media-Persian rule. Even though we are introduced to the portent of the book in Chapter 3, it becomes more direct after Chapter 6. Between Chapters 7-10 there are revelations of direct and exact events from Daniel's time through the tumultuous centuries that divided time BC and AD. Mixed in from the 3rd chapter through chapter 12 we have glimpses and the detailing of the end time.

  These prophesies are so clear that we can determine exact years and personages.  Daniel's writings centered primarily around the kingdoms of this world, marching toward the kingdom of God. Already, much of Daniel's prophesies has been vindicated in coming to pass beyond statistic regimens. We should have no doubt that the future prophesies will also come true in the same manner. All of it is substantiated by a compendium of other books of the Bible that deal with prophetic subjects. The books of Daniel and Revelation work hand in hand in defining God's plans for tomorrow and the tomorrows.

  Do you really believe that God is omniscient, meaning that He knows everything about everything? Even before he created the universe, He knew the exact moment that it would roll up as a scroll (Rev. 6:14). He already knows how and when this present world will wind up. He has given us enough information that we can also have a good idea what is coming up. Notice that we can not wager on coming events, and that would be at least one reason why we are not more knowledgeable.  We do know that He has defined our motives and nature. We can only plead 'guilty' to the sentence of death for sin. We do know that God has shown unmerited grace in the sacrifice of His only begotten Son for our sin. We who have put our faith in Jesus have absolute forgiveness for our sin and an eternal home in Heaven. We are waiting and looking up for our redemption.

  We expect the end of this world, as we know it, to shortly come to its end.

  By the title of this article, I shouldn't have a difficulty in tying in my concluded thought for this article. The End!!  We are certainly headed for the end. The Bible warns us to prepare for the end. Every Christian understands why it must come to an end. The world is behaving like it's the end of the world.  All this has to prove that we do not have much time left. (Do not forget the documented prophesies noted above.)

  The age old question is, "Are you ready for the end?" A lost person must face the eternal destiny of his soul and can only gain eternal life through Jesus Christ. If you are lost, Jesus invites you to receive him right now and he will do what's necessary to give you eternal life.

  The saved person must also realize that this age is coming to an end. What we do for Christ will determine the crowns and rewards. We read in 2 Corinthians 5:10 that there is coming a real judgment of Christians on what we have done for Christ. To quote the verse, "in his body."

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