Be Still and Know

  "There is so much going on that it seems like I will never catch up." This is a phrase that is often heard in our present world and it has a meaning to all of us.  Most of us are so busy, yet it seems that we actually accomplish little.  The following verse came to my mind, so I want to spend a little time with it.
Psalms 46:10  "
Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth."

  This verse instantly takes control of me. "Be still!" My mom had to use that phrase on me quite often, growing up. When I heard that toned as a command, it instantly got my attention. It sometimes was assisted by a tight thumb squeeze on my upper ear but it worked its purpose.

  The verse above was introduced to us amidst a chapter depicting major earthquakes and floods on a turmoiled earth. It is placed to arrest our imagination of all kinds of difficulty. It very clearly is an escape mechanism.

  Stop what you are doing and think for a moment. Think about who God really is. The Bible is a wonderful book in that it defines God without defining Him for there are no human words to describe Him fully.

  Would you mind if I gave you my thoughts here? Lets imagine that it is night time and we are outdoors with a clear sky. Look at all those stars and know they are innumerable. They not only fill all the space above us, but a Chinaman could be doing the same thing. The universe is so vast! Now look at me and answer this question, "Is God bigger than the universe or smaller? I just said that human words cannot describe Him. Suffice it to say, God is big enough.

  We have to still ourselves and know that God is God; there is none besides Him. I love Jeremiah 10:10.

  I believe that only a believer of Jesus can truly know God. Jesus told us that if we know him then we will know God. John told us that God was manifested in Jesus and Paul told us that there is no name that is above the name Jesus. All things were created by him and not anything, that was made, was made without him.  I once saw a video. The first thing it showed was a picture taken through a powerful microscope. The object was the molecules of a leaf. Actually it looked like a picture of space with a bunch of planets. Then as the microscope was adjusted we ultimately see the leaf, then the tree, then the forest, then the island then the surrounding ocean, then the earth globe, then the solar system, then the milky way galaxy, then a collection of galaxies and so on. Until the video showed a picture very similar to the first one of the molecules. Now, where was earth again?

  Some of my busyness revolves around my attempts to reveal Jesus to my world. I want to show Jesus and tell of him to a lot of stopped ears. I become discouraged because of my failures and miss takes. Much of my world thinks they have heard it before and they have decided they don't need my Jesus or at least what they consider to be my brand of Jesus. They want their own Jesus. For the most part, their Jesus is not the Jesus Paul told us about and their Gospel is not the Gospel Paul preached. God is still exalted among the heathen; even the heathen in the USA.

  No matter what man does or thinks on this planet, it will have no effect upon God (actually man cannot even affect the weather.).  He remains the same yesterday, today and forever. You know what? He has given us a book that accurately describes every detail of what has happened, what is happening and what is going to happen.  He has also told us what we can do to prepare for tomorrow, and more importantly for the ultimate command, "Prepare to Meet thy God!!!"

  At any rate it is wise and advisable to, "be still and know that I am Godů"

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