Goodbye 2012

  We are just about to bid the year 2012 goodbye. A lot has taken place during this year. We have watched as many aspects of our lives seem to be threatened by developments abroad and here at home. Our president has somehow miraculously succeeded himself in office.  We realize that in spite of the media and politicians assurances, our world is not pulling out of the depression, repression, regression or whatever the financial mess is. Also the threat of Al Kaeda has not diminished, but is growing stronger. Big government is getting bigger and hungrier. Poles are showing that Christianity is decreasing in America and more Churches are closing their doors. Hollywierd is more wicked than ever in the filth they are displaying on our movie and tv screens. I could go on, but, I choose to jump off that train for the remainder of this article.

  It is so wonderful to get a good portion of sight for which I have seen by faith most of my life. Israel is living up to what the Bible prophesied in Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah & John's words. I think it was about 60 years after Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D., that some evil king, ran most of the remaining Jews out of the Holy Land, and renamed part of it the "Land of the Philistines." This was to spite the Jews. The land remained barren and unsettled for centuries, a straggling Jewish presence shared with Arabic nomads. Centuries later in the early 1900's Jews inexplicably began to re-gather around Jerusalem's ruins and to rebuild their nation. Then in May of 1948, Israel declared itself a nation once again. Never before in history, has an indigenous people done that in such a definite way. The nomads were not organized until outside influences organized them and persuaded the world to notice them. You know the story from there...I hope!  At any rate a true student of history and the Bible has no doubt that a mightier power is doing things to match what the Bible predicted. That mightier power is not Obummer or Iran's 'I might need a job."

  You and I who have seen a good number of years pass by, are intrigued by the possibilities of an immediate rapture. We are keyed up in our hearts and prayed up in our spirit. We are excited that we are observing the very happenings that we had always considered prophesies. The Bible has been 100% right up till now and we are assured that tomorrow will not be different.

  Part of the world is anxious for Israel, being totally surrounded by nations that want them eradicated. Much of the world blames Israel itself for its difficulties.  Israel is being shown that it just might not be able to count upon America for its strength. Looks pretty bad to anyone who is not studied up as to what the Bible truly says about Israel. You do realize that a major portion of Catholic and Protestant Christians believe that God has marked the Jew off His list. That Israel no longer plays a part in God's plan.  They are literally blind to Bible truth about the restoration of Israel into God's eternal plan.  Even though man forgets, God does not forget His promises!!

  You and I need to pray for Israel to be saved. You and I need to pray that Christians would know what God plans for Israel. You and I need to pray that America will not turn its back on Israel. You and I need to pray that our government would heed to what the Bible says about nations and their regard to Israel.

  Yes, Christians can be true to the Bible, Jesus Christ and the gospel and at the same time support Israel in its plight.  Make sure you know what the Bible says regarding God's ultimate plans.

  Finally.  Don't worry about all the confusion and happenstance. God is still in charge and has given us two sources of peace.  The Bible has detailed the end from the beginning. The Holy Spirit in our hearts is the most wonderful source of peace. Let Him in.

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