Do You Have Your Sword?

  While we grieve over the loss of little children a couple of weeks ago, the emotions of America are at a peak. Naturally the continuing battle rises to the fore front. The pro-gun and anti-gun voices are screaming to the top of their voices.  The anti's have the advantage right now because of the Newtown tragedy. Politicians also taking the opportunity are introducing bills, most of which are aimed against the ownership of guns or at least to curtail the use of guns.

  I know this is a church paper, I know I am a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I also know that my Bible is my final authority on any thing. This bulletin is an extension of my ministry. So therefore I will offer my personal opinion on guns. Since Smith & Wesson did not exist in Bible times, we have to agree that the weapon of choice, Bible time, was the sword. With the help of my computer Bible, I take a few seconds and pull up every mention of 'sword' in the Bible.  Now I am prepared to express.  In the listing of verses, the outstanding anti-sword(gun) verse is when Jesus said in Matthew 26:52 that those who live by the sword would die by the sword. Context and thought will over ride any idea that Jesus was condemning the ownership of a sword(gun), but instead simply stating that if a person lived by the sword(gun), their fate would be at the mercy of a sword(gun).

  Now for the opposite point of view. Looking at Luke 22:36  'Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.'  Here we find Jesus advising his disciples to do anything they can to get a sword(gun). Obviously he did not intend for the disciples to go out and win converts at the point of a sword(gun) but instead for their own personal protection. I know, I know, you are thinking that somewhere Jesus told something about turning the other cheek setting the thought that Christians should never defend themselves or their loved ones.  If we read the entire New Testament we will realize that Jesus would have us suffer to the death for his name's sake, but not when a robber breaks through to steal.

  Obviously our world has always and will always have individuals and gangs who are out to get stuff from undefended people who have stuff. The book of Romans mentions that authorities had to carry sword(guns) to deal with evil. This shows that there have always been criminal elements. Most crimes are committed where authorities or policemen are not found.  Many times a crime is being committed and police are called, but before they can arrive, the crime is consummated.  The only way a crime can be avoided or thwarted is self defense and the only way self defense can be carried out is that the victim has to have a bigger sword(gun) than the perpetrator and the ability to use it.

  This article would not be complete without a reference to the Constitution and its provision in the 2nd Amendment.  The so claimed interpreters of the Constitution have already proved not to be very good interpreters.  Words alone can never be correctly interpreted without context. Those who love America have taken the interest in researching the authors of the Constitution. Many things stand out including the knowledge that America could only remain strong as long as its individuals remained free. Why would the Constitutional Amendment about citizens being armed be referring to armies, when armies were dealt with in the Constitution itself?  George Washington himself wrote that citizen individuals should be armed to keep the government from assuming dictatorial powers.

  Obviously not everyone is comfortable to carry a sword(gun), but those who are comfortable should not be hindered as long as they are mentally and physically able to use it in time of need.

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